Best Bongs on Amazon [Our Reviews and Comparisons]

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Comparison Chart

Product Name Features Latest Price

Labs Glass Water Device Ong Beaker 8.5-inch Purple

  • High heat resistance
  • Portable beaker
  • Translucent
  • Stable base
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Glass Water Big Chamber Bub 5.5-inch Light Grey Pattern

  • Easy to clean
  • Highly portable
  • Durable
  • Cheap
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Gas Mask Bong Hookah Smoking Water Tobacco Hookah for Party Star Wars Costume (Black)

  • Durable mask
  • Versatile
  • Fits all head sizes
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Love Apartments Green Illuminated Octopus Pipe, Big Water Chamber, Clearer Perfect Illuminated Effect, with Filter Ice Shelf Handmade Water Bottle Glow in The Dark (Illuminated Octopus)

  • Cheap
  • Glow in the dark
  • Thick glass
  • Easy to conceal
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Handmade 7.8 Inch Art Multi-Layer Glass VB064

  • Tempered glass
  • Wide base
  • High heat resistance
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Our Best Bongs on Amazon: Complete Reviews With Comparison 

1. Labs Glass Water Device Ong Beaker 8.5-inch Purple

The purple version of the bong has a size of 8.5 inches with a removable down stem. The bong is built to accommodate high heating temperatures.

It is durable enough to last for several years of usage. 


The bong’s size is 8.5 inches. The beaker has a thickness of 3.1 – 3.5mm.

The Good

Cleaning it is simple and can be completed in a few minutes. The bong can easily be transported from one place to another.

The quality product is available at an affordable price. The bong hits well if you suck in hard enough after removing the slide.

It has a beautiful size and shape.

The Bad

The purple color of the bong begins to peel off after some cleaning sessions. The size of the device is quite small.

The beaker is quite light and might break easily if it drops.


  • The glass can be heated to a very high temperature without breaking.
  • The glass beaker is highly portable.
  • It is translucent to allow you to see the contents as you smoke.
  • Its base allows it to stand steady on a flat surface.


  • You need to be cautious because the beaker can easily break if it falls down.
  • The purple color starts to peel off after some cleaning sessions.

2. Glass Water Big Chamber Bub 5.5-inch Light Grey Pattern

The Pyrex glass bong is designed to heat up to very high temperatures without breaking. The handheld beaker does not give away odors and moisture, nor does it enter chemical reactions.

It has a comfortable down stem that can be removed and replaced at any time.


It has a size of 5.5 inches. The building material of the bong is Pyrex glass.

The Good

The beaker is built using hard Pyrex glass to allow high-temperature heating. It has a beautiful shape and a blending color.

The Pyrex glass does not allow for unhealthy chemical reactions. It has a broad base which provides sturdy support.

The small pipe can easily be stored in secrecy.

The Bad

The beaker bong can easily break if it drops. Most users complain of broken bongs at delivery.

The gromet of the bong allows for a little leak of air interfering with your session.


  • Cleaning the bong is simple and takes just a few minutes to complete.
  • The bong does not break under very high temperatures.
  • It is portable and easy to conceal.
  • The stylish bong is affordable and durable.


  • The building glass of the bong is quite light. 
  • The beaker bong is relatively small for heavy smokers.

3. Gas Mask Bong Hookah Smoking Water Tobacco Hookah for Party Star Wars Costume (Black)

The Gas Mask bong doubles as a bong and a costume mask for different occasions. It delivers a unique satisfaction of fun and practicality.

It is highly durable and doesn’t require expensive.


The main component using in building the bong is plastic. The removable pipe is made of safe plastic and acrylic material.  

The Good

The materials used to build the plastic mask and acrylic pipe are safe to use without exposure to food poisoning. Cleaning the pipe is simple and quite straightforward as soon as you detach it.

When you hit weed from the bong, the amount of smoke that escapes is minimal.

The Bad

The pipe can be quite suffocating if you do not like putting your head in enclosed spaces. Adjusting the straps can be quite challenging, especially if you under the effect of the smoke.


  • The mask and the bong can each be used independently. 
  • The mask is fit for all head sizes and face shapes.
  • The plastic mask is highly durable and provides more space to draw in most of the smoke.
  • The color and design of the bong allow it to blend with different party costumes.


  • You need to adjust the pipe after making a few hits.
  • Compared to a regular water pipe, lot of smoke accumulates in the mask.

4. Love Apartments Green Illuminated Octopus Pipe

The 8-inch bong is handmade from quality materials. The beaker bong is an ideal gift for your friends and loved ones.

The octopus on its surface adds beauty in the light and the dark.


The building material of the bong is tempered Pyrex glass. The down stem of the apparatus is removable.

The Good

The pipe is aesthetically beautiful in the light and more attractive while glowing in the dark. The Pyrex glass allows for heating in very high temperatures.

The glass is thick enough to survive less fatal falls.

The Bad

The glass might easily break if it falls down. The bud also happens to fall down the stem after it is burnt.


  • The beautiful pipe is available at affordable prices. 
  • The glass bong is very beautiful in the dark when it glows, adding more fun to your session.
  • The thick glass beaker bong is quite strong and beautiful.
  • It is easily concealed and transported from one location to another.


  • The glass bottle needs extra care to avoid breakage.
  • You may need to reposition the bud occasionally while smoking.

5. Handmade 7.8 Inch Art Multi-Layer Glass VB064

The outstanding smoking tool is handmade with quality and durable materials. It's a perfect gift for friends and dear ones that enjoy smoking from a bong.


The bong stands tall at a height of 7.8 inches. It weighs at 150g. 

The Good

The Pyrex glass bong can accommodate high temperatures without cracking. It is beautiful and well decorated with a leaf of the marijuana plant.

​The bottle has a wide base for support when you place it down.

The Bad

The pot may break if it is mishandled or if it falls on hard surfaces. The surface of the glass bottle scratches easily.


  • It is made of thick tempered glass for durability.
  • The Pyrex glass prevents any harmful chemical reactions from occurring inside the pot.
  • The glass is well packaged to avoid breakage before it is delivered.
  • It has a large that carries quite huge amounts of water.


  • The glass bong requires extreme precaution to avoid dropping it.
  • It scratches easily. Some parts easily retain the scratches.

Final Verdict

Highlighted above are some of the best bongs on Amazon. Personally we love the octopus one 🙂

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