Best Place To Hide Weed In A Car

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While some states and countries continue to legalize marijuana for medical purposes, others still hold the old primitive ideas that cannabis is harmful and not commendable for human consumption. 

Whilst you can use Medical Cannabis any place you feel like in your home state, things are not always as such in other states or countries. Should we call this freedom denial? 

Well, it depends on which angle you perceive it.

When you go for a trip outside your state,  you will need to take your medical cannabis with you, therefore it’s vital to find out whether weed is legal in that particular state.

Failing to do that, you might find yourself locked behind bars and charged with something you consider "life saving" in your home state.

Should you consider changing a destination just because the target state has not legalized weed? We suggest asking a lawyer about travelling with medical cannabis, and not risk getting caught.

However if you do decide to travel with your weed then in this article, we'll give you some ideas of the best places you can hide weed in your car.

Outside the Gas Tank

gas tank

When cops come searching a vehicle for cannabis, they overlook the exterior areas of the car. This is the little area where we have the gas tank and acts as the safest place to hide your weed.

However, before placing your stash, make sure the cap is closed to avoid accidentally dropping the blunt inside the gas tank. This method has been noted to be the best, especially when your car has a gas tank with a lock.

Police rarely open gas tank doors to investigate if there is a space in between which can be used to hide cannabis. 

Hide It Inside The Console’s Armrest

arm rest

Do you have those arm rests in the middle of your car just near the console? Is it possible to lift it leaving a small storage area for a compartment? 

Well that is a perfect area to hide your goodies.

The advantages of using this area is that police will rarely see it at a glance since it's hidden far from plain sight and well covered. However, you need to invite your gods for prayers in case police feel like satisfying their quota.

You, therefore, need to tuck your stash deep inside the console within a smell-proof bag.

Inside The Spare Tire Cover

spare tire cover

Patients who have a prescription for marijuana are supposed to smoke it at least three times a day. If you are taking a trip/tour that will last a couple of days, you will be forced to carry with you several grams of weed.

People who own and drive a jeep, hummer or other super-sporty vehicles which have a spare tire attached to the outside of the car can easily hide marijuana here. The most suitable place to protect your stash is not inside the casing. 

That can be an open place, and cops will easily find it. Just tape your weed inside the tire lining preferably using black masking tape.

Under The Mat Of The Car

Car mats rarely get enough love. When on a hike, people rarely vacuum a car mat until they get back home.

Mats will get all the dirty from hiking exploits. Apart from protecting your car from dirtiness, mats serve as a safe place to hide cannabis.

When you carry a small baggie of green, ensure you put it in a scent-proof bag and hide it under the car rug. When the police search a vehicle, they rarely touch the mat since they think the mat is designed only to protect the car from dirt.

Under The Glove Compartment 

Many cars have a false bottom in their glove compartment. Make sure to check if your vehicle has one as well. 

Police search glove compartments of cars more often when looking for contraband items. The critical point here is to make the search process as hard as possible to the cops.

Storage Pouch 

Usually, the back of the driver’s seat has a large pouch area used for magazines and stuff. These areas are more common in older cars, unlike modern ones.  

Those areas tend to be pretty reliable areas to hide cannabis in your vehicle.

In your trash 

Police usually ignore the garbage, just like any other person. This should give you a very safe place to hide your weed. 

Ideally, you might need to keep your car extremely dirty, but that should not bother you much.

For example, you can have a takeaway cup, stash a joint that is within the straw and keep the lid closed. Before you do so, you must ensure the container is empty and dry. 

Insert the joint into the cup and put it inside a plastic bag. Lastly, throw some wrappers inside the bag and make it look more like trash than something useful. 

Usually, cops lift it, investigate and seeing the trash they put it back. This will have you smiling from the bottom of your heart 🙂

Inside your food  

Hiding weed inside food is more of a hiding place than a method. It involves hiding marijuana inside a sandwich or taco. It's common to find fast food inside a car so cops are not likely to spend much time examining food.

When you are ordered to move out the vehicle for a search, why not carry your can of food and continue eating as cops play hide and seek in a mission to ruin your life. 

Even if the police are using a K9 to detect the presence of marijuana, the K9 handler might be tempted to think the dog is interested with your food. Try this trick in your next trip, and you will thank me massively.

Bottom Line

It hurts that in some countries and states we have to hide something that has medical importance to our bodies. This is a wake-up call on countries that are yet to have an insight on cannabis benefit, they really should start adopting the fact that weed is beneficial for human health. 

In the hope of securing freedom, at any time you transport weed, take an effective measure to hide it from nosy cops.

And again in the first place we don't recommend you travelling with cannabis to other states where it is illegal, it's totally not worth the risk.  

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