Best Things To Do When You Are High

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When you sit there and allow your mind to hit the stratosphere as you get into the zone, you may find yourself either having nothing to do or so many things to do that you have a hard time prioritizing. There are plenty of things you can do while stoned to give you the best experience yet.

Some of the best things to do depend on whether you want to be alone or if you are in the company of friends.

Things like meditation, writing or art are some of the best things one can do when alone while others like music, movies, games, outdoors can be extra fun with friends (not that you couldn’t do it alone).

1. Meditate


Everyone has a different kind of "high," some get excited while others feel relaxed.

That feeling of calm and peace can easily be amplified when you find a quiet place close your eyes, take deep breaths, or whatever feels right as you meditate.

2. Workout

One of the best things to do when you are high is definitely burning a few calories or building up your muscle mass. This is especially easy for those who end up being hyperactive.

Direct that energy into yoga, jogging, weights, etc., that will benefit your body.

3. Work on your hunger

Feeling hungry when stoned is not unusual and before you know it you're digging into the contents of your fridge.

So before decide to get stoned especially when you just ate, you better make sure you've got some munchies (anything light) ready before you wolf down everything edible near you.

4. Work on your art

Being high has a way of opening up some insights and perspective as your view of the world changes. You may find or end up with something entirely different or new based on the shift in your thinking.

So, grab a canvass, clay wood anything that will keep your newly found creativity into excellent use.

5. To the movies

go to the movies

One of the most fun thing to do when high is watching movies. Anything from blockbusters and their visual effects, crime investigation to bone-chilling horror.

There are plenty of things to keep you rolling. Whether you want to watch it alone or with your fellow stoners, whether you wish to seat quietly at your place or hit the movies for the latest Avengers movie, the experience will be worth it. Good movies to watch:

  • The Lion King (who doesn’t love talking lions)
  • Inception (oh, boy!)
  • John Wick (plenty of action to keep you reeling in your sit)
  • Stonerville (something relatable)

6. Go hiking (outdoors/ adventure)

Surprise surprise, some stoners get a kick out of going for a little adventure. There are plenty of options for adventure, and one of them is a certain element that presents itself when interacting with Mother Nature.

Some of the outdoors activities may also heavily depend on where you live; in mountainous zones, hiking would be the perfect choice while areas near a river could be a place for kayaking.

7. Be philosophical (deep conversations)

There is something about weed that makes you want to reflect on life and everything else in general. It could be everything from the universe to the concept of right and wrong.

Getting high sets the mood and thoughts flowing; all you need is someone to get deep with and enjoy the fun that comes along with it.

8. Write


Just like art, the shift in thinking form your normal inclination and into the “zone” can let you get over that writer’s block you’ve been having for a while. It could also be just the thing you need to brainstorm several plot ideas as your mind.

You might also find that your altered state of mind might even enhance your daydreams to a whole new level.

9. Games

There are dozens of games that you could come up with when high.

  • Video games

Thinking about video games brings out a picture of a typical stoner sitting around playing on their X-box, PS4, or PC. Action RPG like Call of Duty, Halo are some of the fun stuff you could get yourself lost in.

  • Roleplaying

A particular favorite for all nerds out there that like to get high. Dungeon and Dragons doesn’t get any more real and fun that if you are completely stoned. The land of dragons and magic and other role-playing games can keep you entertained for hours on end. 

  • Boardgames

Think of how chess on weed sounds, or you may find yourself more into word puzzles like scrabble. Other games could include those that you would typically shy away from when clear-headed:

  • Truth or dare (just don’t take too far, if you know what I mean)
  • Never have I ever
  • Twister
  • Would you rather

10. Music

When you are on cloud nine, nothing that completes it better with a song that reflects the mood. The music to listen will depend entirely on you as an individual.

Some would prefer rock, others classics, some rap and there are those who would prefer heavy metal or even reggae due to its popularity with stoners.

You can also kick it up a notch and go for a concert or live music like jazz both alone or with friends.

11. Read

Books also happen to be another thing you can do while stoned there are so many choices to it. There are stoners that would prefer nonfiction, while others will get their jollies from reading fiction.

It is also not unusual for some, especially students, to find the relaxing effects that come with being high put to good use through studying.


As a stoner, there is no shortage of things you can do when you are high. Some can be done when you are alone while others are more enjoyable when done with others who are just as high as you.

In the end, it's all about finding what you like the most more than anything else.

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