Best Way To Cover Weed Smell

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If there is a drawback to smoking weed, it is its smell. Well, some individuals love it, but just a single puff of marijuana can make everyone know what you are up to.

Even though you're probably smoking legally and for medical reasons, you might not want everybody to know about it, and to keep it discrete.

So, if you prefer smoking up your weed more discretely, you are going to need to learn and understand the best way to cover weed smell. It appears like every stoner has their way of covering the smell, so it can be tiring to determine which method is the best for you.

To simplify that, we have compiled this list of all the best ways to cover the marijuana smell.

Regardless of whether you are trying to smoke at home, at your job, or in a dorm room, you will likely require a way to mask the smell from weed. You can choose a piece of fancy equipment like a vape, become innovative and build your sploof, or sty low-tech and tack a towel under your door.

Here are the best methods to mask weed smell:

1. Start Using Mason Jars

mason jars

If you are planning on storing large quantities of weed around your house, it is going to get smelly very fast. Rather than keeping the stash in bags, or any other container that leaks out the smell, get some mason jars.

They are not only excellent for withholding the smell, but they are also perfect for ensuring that your weed stays fresh.

2. Use a Sploof

Also known as a Dube Tube, a sploof is a device that you exhale your weed smoke into to filter some of the smelly particles and release an alternative smell. You can craft one of these instruments by yourself using the inside roll of a paper towel, some dryer sheets, and a rubber band.

Put the dryer sheets inside the paper towel roll. Then put some sheets around the outside and fasten them using a rubber band.

To test it, puff a good amount of weed and exhale the smoke into the device. Observe what the subsequent smoke smells and looks like.

The resulting smoke should be less, and it should smell more like the dryer sheets than your weed bud. If you are not sure about your sploof-making skills, you can purchase one.

3. Clean Up

When you touch something with a strong smell, it always sticks in your hands specifically. The smell of the marijuana you smoked indoors is always inside your mouth and on your face and require some cleaning and covering.

You don't want to go to work or school smelling like weed bud, so you will need to cover the smell by washing it off. So, wash your face and hands then apply your favorite perfume or cologne, and you are ready to roll.

4. Use Edibles

Apparently, some ways of consuming marijuana produce less smell than others. Weed edibles produce palatable smells that are less strong than smoked weed.

You can take edibles secretly and easily and you don't need to hide the smell of smoked cannabis. So, you might have to learn how to make weed edibles, or otherwise, purchase some weed gummies or brownies.

You can take them discreetly nearly anywhere.

5. Vaporizer


Vaping generates a different type of smoke that is misty. So, it will not stain your clothes with the smell of cannabis.

Although they will produce a smell, it will not stay for long and is less powerful than weed smell.

With a vaporizer, you will also not require to take many puffs. There are some products that are designed to be consumed in a single hit.

The misty smoke tends to leave less smell on your clothes and hands. The residue that also remains easily evaporates due to the water content of vaporizers.

6. Smoke Outside

If you want to smoke, doing it outdoors will leave a bigger room for the smoke to dissolve. It will enable your clothes to freshen.

So, less smell will stick on you if you smoke outside. Then, wash your hands and face and apply some spray or cologne.

7. Air Purifiers

air purifiers

An air purifier will remove some of the smell from the smoke from the air as it is being released. This is an excellent option to get rid of the smell and get your air cleaner.

This will also assist in preserving your lung function, which you will require to continue enjoying your medical marijuana.

8. Use Shampoo and Take a Shower

Much of the smoke from weed gets stuck on your hair. So, you will need to take a bath and clean your hair using shampoo, if it is really necessary to get rid of the smell.

You will also need to change your attitude and clothes if you are attending a crucial appointment, and taking a shower helps in both.

9. Fan and Window

The location of the window means everything. A room without ventilation will do nothing to get rid of the weed smell.

If you want to hide the smell, you will likely want it out of the room ASAP. So, getting a room with a window is next precaution you will need.

A fan is excellent in clearing the smell out of the room quickly. Point the fan so that the air gets pushed out through the window.

Consequently, all the smoke inside will ultimately get out. It is good to exhale behind the fan to ensure that all the smoke gets out through the window.

10. Candles and Incense


The last option to cover the smell of marijuana in the house is to hide the smell with something else. There are various types of candles and sprays that are designed to eliminate smoke.

When all else is not there, there is good old incense.

Using an air freshener after your session is a good way to hide weed smell. Also, lighting smoke-eliminating candle before starting your session is an excellent way to start tackling the issue before it even begins.

11. Put A Towel Under The Door

Roll a big towel and put it under the space between the floor and your door to hide the smell (until you open the door), but everybody who is not a child will know what you are doing.

Now that you understand how to cover weed smell after your smoking session, enjoy your medical marijuana secretly and obtain its various health benefits.

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