Does CBD Oil Help With High Blood Pressure?

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Lifestyle has been transformed with the modern world adopting different ways of undertaking activities. Various practices, such as diet methods have significantly changed, consequently leading to emergency health issues.

One of the health conditions in the modern world is High Blood Pressure which affects millions of individuals.

Instigated by various aspects such as obesity and other environmental factors, high blood pressure has caught the attention of concerned personnel, including medical practitioners and researchers.

But what measures have been put across to address this predicament? Is there a cure for high blood pressure?

Does cannabidiol (CBD) offer a possible solution? Well, this article provides insight into the essence of CBD in high blood pressure management and therapeutic measures.

Wha​​​​​t is Cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol is a chemical compound present in the plant cannabis sativa. The cannabis plant contains two major constituent compounds, i.e., THC and CBD.

While THC is the psychoactive compound, CBD is known for its health benefits. Although extensive research on these presumed benefits is still underway, several regions have already endorsed its medical use by legalizing it.

When introduced into the body in the absence of compound THC, cannabidiol interacts with the endocannabinoid system. As a result, it stimulates the non-cannabinoid receptors, thereby monitoring the activities of the brain.

Typical Hypertension Treatment Methods

High blood pressure, which is also termed as hypertension, is usually characterized by increased heart rates. Beta-blockers have been used for a while to manage hypertension condition since they help ease the workload of the heart.

Other therapeutic measures involve control of hormones that result in hypertension and opening up blood vessels through a surgical operation. But these methods bear some adverse long and short term effects.

Management practices may also include leading a healthy lifestyle in a bid to prevent contracting the dysfunction. A healthy diet, involvement in exercises, among others are some of the ways to prevent hypertension.

How does CBD control Hypertension?

How does CBD control Hypertension?

Essentially, cannabidiol has proven to cure various conditions. But the theory behind its operation mechanism is yet to be identified and remains anonymous.

Studies conducted on animals and human beings have already shown that trivial amounts of CBD help to reduce blood pressure. Besides, it helps regulate how the body reacts to conditions such as stress and depression, which are major contributors towards high blood pressure.

Cannabidiol is extracted from the cannabis sativa in the form of oil. It functions distinctively, a difference that has formed the basis of research on the operating mechanisms.

This research is based on the overall effects of hypertension in the body, where researchers have grounded their facts on the possibility of CBD eliminating them. Apart from the impacts, there are physical conditions in the body that are related to blood pressure, which CBD seems to help.

We shall highlight some of these conditions so that you can precisely understand the working mechanism of cannabidiol in controlling hypertension.

  • Inflammation

Studies have provided evidence that high blood pressure and inflammation are linked. Although it is still unclear whether inflammation results from hypertension, or it's a condition from other factors which facilitates hypertension, these two conditions inevitably go hand in hand.

Usually, specific conditions, such as renal inflammatory infiltration, is known to prompt hypertension. Other disorders such as chronic kidney diseases that causes significant inflammation have seen individuals suffering from hypertension.

Reduction of inflammation consequently leads to reduced blood pressure. CBD bears anti-inflammatory characteristics.

By administration of cannabidiol dosage, the inflammatory condition is controlled, eventually controlling blood pressure. Besides, CBD helps manage inflammatory-related diseases and illnesses, which is a significant step towards controlling hypertension.

  • Hemodynamic

Basically, hemodynamic defines the overall blood flow from the heart to body organs and tissues then back to the heart. The flow is monitored and controlled by homeostatic mechanisms while hemodynamic controls it by adjusting it to the right pressures.

Some studies indicate that change in blood pressure during the flow is trivial, while others suggest that this change is significant and requires an extensive control mechanism within the body.

In an occurrence of hypertension condition, change in pressure is indeed significant. Studies have shown that CBD oil promotes hemodynamic in high blood pressure conditions.

It achieves this by reducing the effects by conditions such as anxiety disorder. Stress is a significant contributor to social anxiety disorder, and CBD oil relieves stress.

While further study is still ongoing, CBD has displayed a likelihood of treating other conditions related to stress conditions. However, proof is still needed on the effects of CBD oil on chronic hypertension conditions.

  • Vasorelaxant

When blood pressure has significantly elevated, pressure exerts on the blood vessels' walls. Such pressure might have adverse impacts if not rectified.

Vasorelaxation is a condition that causes a significant reduction of pressure on these walls. This condition is enhanced by endothelium, which releases endothelial-derived nitric oxide.

When blood pressure is elevated, vasorelaxation is impaired, posing a risk to blood vessels. Nitric acid, in turn, is not produced at all or released in low amounts. CBD is known to restore the vasorelaxation effect in case of hypertension advent.

Besides, when administered together with a cannabinoid, vasorelaxation, and production of nitric oxide is enhanced.

Mingling CBD Therapy and Conventional Approaches

You may have sought conventional treatment methods earlier, and you feel like switching to CBD oil use. Good for you because CBD poses fewer risks compared to these methods.

Besides, you may end up acquiring other health benefits which are unrelated to hypertension. CBD has positive effects on skin health, enhanced brain activity, nausea, and fatigue treatments.

However, it is advisable not to use CBD oil together with other administered drugs. Always consult with your doctor first.

You can seek help from a medical professional on the way to go about shifting to CBD use from conventional medicines. You should provide past medical records to bring the doctor with whatever drugs were administered to you.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it! CBD oil is definitely something to be considered for hypertension condition.  Consult with your doctor first though.

Besides adopting healthy lifestyle practices, which is also a way to manage this condition, you might want to supplement them with CBD oil. Keeping track of your blood pressure is also a perfect way of living healthy.

Get a blood pressure monitoring device for yourself, and you will detect any abnormality early enough.

We wish you abundant health.

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