Guest Posting On Medicanco

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Would you like to make a Guest Post on our growing authority blog and get a dofollow link at the same time?  If so then read on…..

Here are our guidelines and publishing criteria for prospective guest bloggers:

  • LENGTH – Minimum of [1500] words.
  • TOPICS – Cannabis, Marijuana, Growing, Medical, Equipment, Strains, News.
  • OUTBOUND LINKS – We permit one to two dofollow links inside the content.  If there is a byline (which is optional) then this must be nofollow. We also request 2 outbound dofollow links to a variety of other sites as references. 
  • ATTRIBUTION – We require attribution where necessary.
  • INTERNAL LINKS – We require between three to eight internal links to related posts on our site (which you must find yourself).
  • HEADINGS - H2 and H3 where applicable.  Plus TOC.
  • DOCUMENT FORMAT:  Word or Google Docs.
  • VIDEO INCLUSION – We require a relevant Youtube video link.
  • IMAGE REQUIREMENTS: Attribution where necessary, optimization max 800px, 3 or 4 images, alignment center or left.

Please cover the topic thoroughly and make it the best possible piece of content that is available online. For example something like this one, interesting and with character.

Please make sure the content is completely original.

We reserve the right to reject submissions and/or require resubmissions.

If you are interested in submitting a guest post please contact us at and we’ll be happy to send you a relevant topic.  Looking forward to hearing from you.