How long do edibles last before they go bad?

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Life becomes extremely fun when you find something that was lost long ago. Such the case is with edibles thought to have gone bad. 

But what we need to ask ourselves is at what point do we ascertain that edibles no longer palatable?

When we ponder the above question, it’s essential to teach ourselves about Marijuana-infused edibles and evaluate if they are any different from other food when it comes to the time of going bad.

Eating cannabis is different from smoking it. The euphoric effect that comes with eating weed is stronger and longer lasting compared to smoking. 

Smoking effects can be termed instantaneous but short-lived, unlike eating, which takes a longer time to get into the system.

So how long do edibles last before they go bad? Let us have a look.

Do cannabis edibles lose Potency?

do edibles loose potency?

The good thing for lovers of cannabis edibles to note is that Marijuana foods maintain their potency for up to a year after production. When it comes to the eutrophic weed effect, the effect is the same even on the last day of expiration.

When considering Marijuana edible potency, it's vital to take precautions. For self-safety, make sure you consume your feeds before the expiration date.

If you’re not sure the edibles are safe for consumption, use the smell test. If in doubt, you must believe your senses and throw them away.

How to store edibles infused with marijuana

One of the main factors and the most determining on how long edibles will last, regardless of whether they are weed-infused or not, is how you store them. Foods manufactured to last about one year can go bad within a month when storing recklessly.

The most friendly place to store edibles is in the fridge. 

Extend their lifespan by storing them inside the fridge.

For edibles to last longer, they need to be refrigerated and frozen to inactive elements that cause decomposition. Also, freezing eliminates oxygen that acts to accelerate decay.

The act of storing cannabis edibles is the same as other foods but if you want your edibles to stay longer, use saran to wrap them up and add aluminum foil on top before freezing.

Other Marijuana edibles storing tips

marijuana storing tips

Cannabis is affected by light more significantly. Exposing marijuana edibles to light after storing in transparent containers, alters the cannabis content causing the food to go bad.

Airtight containers are the best containers to use to store marijuana edibles, much better than loose bags and papers. If you have the ability, adding a vacuum seal is a big advantage.

How do you open and scope cannabis edibles from containers?

How do you open and scope cannabis edibles from containers?

The method you use to get edibles from your container for consumption can affect the durability of food. Our mouth and teeth contain useful and non-useful bacteria.

When you bite CannaButter directly from the storage container, you leave bacteria on remaining butter that otherwise accelerate the rate of degradation.

When in need to consume, cut pieces or portions of your food and don't bit. Do not double dip, i.e., scoping and eating from the same spoon.

Cannabis edibles treatment

Edibles infused with marijuana should be treated like any other food. If they contain ingredients like dairy and cheesecake frequently known to go bad more quickly, they will definitely get spoiled.

Marijuana foods like Brownies and cookies last longer though they stand more chances of turning stale with time. On the other hand, fruitless candies such as lollipops and mints are pure sugar before infusing them with Marijuana.

We can call the act of baking them with Marijuana as treating. Once treated, store them in an apocalypse.

Types of Cannabis edibles that last the longest

Edibles have different lasting duration depending on the ingredient used during cooking. If you love stocking up on Cannabis edibles, then, hard candies are what you should buy.

This types of feeds last longer and do not necessarily require refrigeration or any freezing. Most addicts of Marijuana who cannot do without smoking it, when taking a trip that lasts for days or a week, carry candies along since they last so long.

To ascertain your edibles are safe for consumption, use common sense, and check for molds. Check the expiration date.


Edibles are the quickest and a fun way of consuming cannabis. If you store edibles carefully, you stand higher chances of enjoying them for a longer time stretch. 

Happy cannabis cooking and baking.

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