How Long Do You Stay High On Weed? – You’ll Be Surprised!

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Marijuana is one of the most used drugs in the universe owing to its recreational and medical benefits. The main point of concern is that despite widespread marijuana usage, most users do not understand marijuana as a recreational and medicinal drug in depth.

We have compiled a comprehensive article to enlighten you more in-depth on the methods of consuming cannabis as well as the type of high feeling you get from the different strains available in the market.

Which Types of High Feeling do get from Marijuana?

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Extensive research on marijuana has proven that cannabis consists of different strains. Each strain causes a different effect on the body and mind. Some of the high effects of marijuana are outlined below.

1.  Sedating Effect

The indica strain is very much known to have sedating effects. Consumers of the indica strain have reported episodes of being relaxed and just wanting to chill back on the couch when high.

Indica products are prescribed to patients experiencing insomnia and loss of appetite.

The sedating effects of marijuana help you relax after you have had a tiresome day at work. In a few words, we could say that indica causes 'body high'.

Examples of the indica strain are, master Kush, Northern Lights, Hindu Kush, and Purple Haze

2.  Stimulating Effect

Some marijuana strains have been recorded to have stimulating effects on consumers. The sativa strains are the best in providing you with a stimulating effect.

Sativa has uplifting effects which will elevate your moods while at the same time ensuring that your creativity levels are at maximum.

Most users take sativa in the morning before going to work and over the lunch break to get back to work with more energy. Sativa strains improve your social interaction skills.

Physicians prescribe marijuana to patients suffering from exhaustion and depression. Sativa gets you to 'mind high.' Some of the available sativa strains are, Sour Diesel, Chernobyl, Lemon Haze and Jack Herer

3.  The Hybrid High

Man is known for wanting to explore the possible advantages of mixing the two major strains. Sativa and Indica strains have been mixed to create a super strain.

The effects of the hybrid strain on the users depend on the ratio in which they were added. You are bound to experience both the stimulating and sedating effects of marijuana simultaneously.

When marijuana is sativa-dominant, you will experience higher stimulating effects. In case the indica strain is indica-dominant, you experience more of the sedating effects.

Methods of Getting High on Marijuana and How Long The High Lasts

Marijuana can be introduced into our bodies in different ways for both recreational and medicinal purposes. Here are some of the techniques.

1. Smoking Marijuana

Smoking marijuana is the most popular method of taking the drug around the world.

When you smoke the marijuana plant, the smoke goes straight to the lungs where it is absorbed into the body system. The effects kick in within minutes and last for approximately 2-3 hours to start wearing out.

2. Vaping Marijuana

Vaping of marijuana is gaining popularity among the users of marijuana. Vaping quite resembles the smoking of marijuana, but it involves heating marijuana.

Smoking involves the burning of marijuana. When you vape marijuana, the effects kick in within a few seconds. You may experience the marijuana effects for about 2-3 hours or longer. The vaping effects are stronger than smoking effects.

3. Marijuana edible drinks and snacks

For the folks who are not fans of smoking, there are alternative options for consuming marijuana apart from smoking. You may prepare your marijuana edibles or purchase the edibles from your nearest marijuana store.

It takes slightly longer for the marijuana effects to kick in. Soon as the effects kick in, be ready to experience longer high periods compared to the highness you experience when you inhale marijuana. The effects last about 3-6 hours.

4. Tinctures

Tinctures are saturated liquids extracted from cannabis compounds. The extraction is carried out using an alcoholic soak.

When ingesting the product, you apply the liquid directly under the tongue. Tinctures are absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

Effects of tinctures are almost instant and long lasting compared to the other marijuana edibles.

5. Weed Oils

We have some marijuana extracts known as Cannabinoids (CBD). CBD oils are highly concentrated in Cannabinoids which are rich in psychoactive properties.

You can ingest the marijuana oil by vaping (find out from your supplier if the type of oil you have is good for vaping though, sometimes it has toxins which can be dangerous), or introducing drops of marijuana oil under your tongue. You may alternatively mix the oil with some food or drinks.

The effects of marijuana oil take an hour or so to kick in when consumed by mouth.

Benefits of Smoking Marijuana

1. Marijuana is prescribed for patients with a sleep disorder. As mentioned in our illustration above, the indica strain is sedating and slowly lulls you to sleep.

2. Marijuana is suitable for patients suffering from the loss of appetite. Both indica and sativa strains contain Tetrahydrocannabinol which induces appetite.

3. Marijuana is used to treat chronic pain. This is good medicine for patients prone to chronic illness for example cancer patients.

4. Marijuana helps inhibit seizure episodes for people with epilepsy. Doctors prescribe marijuana to patients prone to seizure attacks.

5. Marijuana is used to control chronic pain. Cannabis contains the compound tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which combines with the pain receptors in the brain. Marijuana drugs are prescribed to patients with chronic pain for example cancer.

How to Choose the Best Marijuana Strain

Consider the mood that you want to explore. If you need to feel creative and lifted, you may go for sativa products. In case you need to relax and slowly drift into sleep you go for indica products.

A hybrid strain takes you around both worlds.

How long do you stay high on weed? After a few encounters of taking different marijuana strains, you need to be self-aware of the best strain for you.

Such awareness helps you choose the best strain for your recreational and medical benefits.

Follow the prescription from your physician. In the incidence that you may have a prescription from your doctor, it is better to get the correct strain as prescribed.

The right prescription ensures that you get all the marijuana's medical benefits.

We have enlightened you on the strains of marijuana as well as how marijuana is taken and how long the high lasts.

We also discussed how you should choose the best marijuana strain. With this information, you are good to go on this topic!

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