How Much Water Do I Put In My Bong?

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Bongs can be a great way of consuming medical cannabis.

With the fact that bongs out there vary in sizes, material, and probably intended use, recommending  a standard measure of water to fill your bong is quite a challenge. However, whether you're using a honeycomb or percolator bong, it's crucial to know how to fill your bong.

As for me, my bong is quite small. So how much water do I put in my bong? 

First, I would say it took me quite some time to establish clearly as to what extent to fill the bong. I started by filling water up to two-thirds of the bong only to end up inhaling the water when smoking. Yuk!

This experience was absurd, and I had to lower the water amount significantly. Currently, I fill the bong up to the bottom of the pipe, which ensures the submerged water pipe is half-filled.

The experience I get in return is quite impressive. Since bongs differ, let's learn about what level you need to fill it so as to get the very best experience during smoking.... Read on. 

How Much Water To Put In A Bong? 

The amount of water you put in your bong depends on the size of your bong. The standard amount is enough water to cover where the downstream stands slightly submerged inside the water.

This is usually about half of the pipe. Like we have said bongs differ in size and mode, but the most fundamental rule is to ensure water does not go past the downstream area. 

History of bongs

history of bongs

Bongs are part of the many smoking setups. Bongs are also universal, let's find out where they come from and why they are so popular. 

The origin of the modern bong can be traced back to the invention of glass. Glass is naturally produced via volcanoes and forms of obsidian, which is the chemical result of cooling lava. 

Historian suggests that the first glass was used in Mesopotamia around 2500-1500 BCE. Mesopotamian would use the Glass to create beads, which were used as jewelry and accessories. 

Old bongs were first used in Central Asia and parts of Africa. However, excavations done recently in Russia suggest that the Iranian-Eurasian Scythe tribal chiefs would smoke using golden bongs about 2400 years ago. 

Before the excavation of golden bongs, the earliest bongs were found in Ethiopian caves about 1100 and 1400CE. The Ethiopian based bongs were made from pottery and animal horns.

When Glass came into frequent use, manufacturers indulged in the production of bongs from glass material. Glass bongs replaced the ancient horn and pottery made bongs and spread to every corner of the world. 

Benefits Of Smoking From A Bong 

benefits of smoking from a bong

Pot smokers do not realize that there are actually a high number of benefits that result from smoking via a bong. The filtering effects of bongs have a healthier and reduced harsh impact on the throat of the smoker.

To help you understand the concept more clearly, below is a list of some of the benefits you can get from smoking via a bong. 

Bongs are friendly

If you just got your medical marijuana license and are considering smoking, then using a bong, should be on your list of considerations. Bongs offer the most natural methods to start smoking.

The bubbles which are produced during inhalation ensure the process of smoking is smooth on the throat compared to when you drag a blunt. As a beginner, you do not experience cases of coughing, and the smoking experience can be much more enjoyable.

A bong ensures the smoke is extremely smooth

This forms the main reason why most people go for bongs when choosing to smoke. The smoke produced does not irritate your throat as it's incredibly soft.

Tater in the bong kills any bacteria lingering in the smoke.

Smoking from a bong also ensures the inhalation process is cleaner and quite refreshing since the water in the bong brings about a cooling effect. 

Bongs lower the chances of a bronchitis attack

Studies have shown that those people who normally smoke blunts experience cases of bronchitis more than those who use bongs. The cooling effects of the bong water help to moisten the smoke first before it passes through the throat. 

Bongs have ornamental value

If you consider having stunning ornate tools in your house, bongs should be in your list. 

Bongs ensure tar and burned ashes coming from smoke is well filtered

Unlike smoking a direct cigar which means that all resin contained in the smoke enters the smokers' body, the water in the bong reduces tar concentration in the smoke. This explains the reasons why, after prolonged smoking, the water turns sticky and brownish. 

Effects Of Smoking From A Bong

effects of smoking from a bong

Even though smoking from a bong comes with several positive effects/benefits over regular smoking, it has some shortcomings for some people as well. 

Firstly, beginner smokers tend to lose body balance after smoking from a bong. The feeling starts with dizziness, especially after the smoker stands up and keeping balance can be a challenge.

In a case study conducted in 1992 in the US, six out of ten bong smokers were diagnosed with dizziness after smoking. Scientists associate this feeling with a decrease in blood pressure but says a person can adapt after getting used to smoking. 

Secondly, smoking from a bong may cause a headache. Notably, this is one of the worst feelings a person could experience after inhaling from a bong. 

According to a blog by Elizabeth Enoch, smoking from a bong causes dryness of the mouth which causes body dehydration. And dehydration has been medically proved to cause a severe headache. 

To avoid such experiences, you need to drink a lot of water after smoking. 

Smoking through a bong can cause lung infection. According to a Respiratory Case Report of 2017, cases of lung infection were noted to be on the rise due to smoking.

The report presents an example of a male bong smoker who has a lung infection after smoking for four years.

What You Need To Know When/After Using A Bong 

Always ensure the bong and the water used is clean. Preferably, use water only once and pour it out.

Using dirty water in the bong makes smoking nasty. Also, dirty water does not have a high ability to filter tar from smoke; hence, you end up taking a higher concentration of resin.

Always buy a glass bong rather than a plastic or metal one. Bongs made from glass are transparent, and you can see through them during cleaning to make sure that you did a good job.


So what have we learned from this Medicanco article today?  

First of all never fill up your bong higher than the downstream area.

Using a bong to smoke is by far the very best option for smokers. If you have been smoking direct blunts, then maybe consider the use of a bong.

A bong helps bring a pleasant experience to a smoker, and lower health risks attributed to the act of smoking.

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