How To Lower Your Weed Tolerance

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It is a devastating reality to weed smokers to understand that the good feeling will not last long. When you are a beginner, you get high after consuming small amounts but the feeling fades over time.

Taking Cannabis is healthy and will keep one feeling better if you use it for medication purposes but, consuming large amounts may harm you. Most of the users have for a long time become dependant on weed but it’s prudent to lower the intake.

When you take weed for the first time, the brain receptors bind well and you feel good. With time, the receptors detect the cannabis as something external altering its functionality.

The body system starts to build tolerance through making the receptors unavailable. Due to the tolerance, you keep on using large amounts to get the initial satisfaction.

It’s wise to lower the tolerance for a healthy living and some of the ways you can employ include:

1. Exercise

How To Lower Your Weed Tolerance

When you take cannabis and remain idle you will only think of taking more puffs. Train yourself to smoke a small amount of weed and go out for an exercise. You will find the exercise more enjoyable as you keep your body in shape.

Sometimes, try to ignore the craving to smoke and go for a run or a jog. Exercising helps  the release of endorphin hormone which helps one to feel better.

Taking time in exercise discourages one from the intake as the exercise brings in satisfaction. Exercise will not only help in lowering your tolerance but also keep you healthy.

2. Take A Break

Sometimes as a weed consumer, we need to make a critical decision in our life. Taking a break is a tough and difficult decision and you should be aware before starting.

One will experience emotional changes and you may tend to be moody. If you don’t use cannabis for medical purposes, try breaking for at least two to four weeks and your blood will become sensitive once more. 

You will recover fast and your brain functions normalize within a few weeks of abstinence. With time you increase the break span and the craving to smoke fades away.

For you to ensure effective abstinence, keep company which don’t use weed and dispose any remainders to avoid smoking.

When the craving is uncontrollable, try using caffeine regularly for it satisfies the urge to smoke.

3. Change To A different Strain

change strain

When you consume one strain for a long time it becomes tolerant; try various strains and feel the effect. Sometimes the tolerance can be of a specific strain but when you use variety, you feel high.

Cannabis comes in different strains and they vary in flavor and their stimulation of body. A change is always good, get another strain and help lower your weed tolerance.

4. Change Your Method Of Consumption

Different consumers will experience the effect differently according to the method of consumption. For those who ingest, try to change to smoking for a better effect.

You will notice that a user of a cannabis vaporizer will need only a small amount of marijuana to get high for a long time.

Vaporizing tends to get you a magnified experience. Stop endangering your body through consuming large amounts; get yourself a vaporizer and you will lower the tolerance.

5. Taking Small Amounts In A Few Sessions

Sometimes making a firm decision to stop taking weed can take years but a steady progress is good. Train yourself to take small amounts in a few sessions in a day.

If you take the weed four times, you can moderate to two and later once. When you decide to take this step, occupy yourself with activities to help your metabolism remain active.

The more your body gets less, the cravings gradually reduce and at long last it becomes easier to abstain.

6. Being Mindful Of Your Thoughts

Are you aware that many a times we do things against our conscious due to the drive by our bodies? It’s time we do according to conscious if we need to stop the high intake of Marijuana.

You should occupy your mind with different activities to avoid idling. When you have nothing to do, take time and meditate on your life or daily activities.

You can take a walk while meditating to avoid the thought of getting a puff. When you face challenges, find another way of reliving your stress and anxiety other than smoking.

When you listen to your inner being, you reduce the urge to smoke. Don’t rush to smoke weed out of anxiety or anger, please take time and listen to yourself.

7. Use Cannabinol Oil

How To Lower Your Weed Tolerance

When you need weed daily, it becomes difficult to abstain or take small amounts for your needed healing. You should not worry for you have an alternative for your health need.

Cannabinol is a marijuana extract which satisfies your medical need. It has the same health benefits as cannabis and helps reduce the tolerance.

When you use it for some time, it helps reverse the tolerance. Consumers usually ascertain that when you use the oil to relieve pain with time you need less oil; thus promoting the activity of receptor cells.

8. Use A Chillum

When you have to hack the consumption, get a chillum and control your smoking in a day. A chillum is a small pipe where you can stash your weed before taking.

The pipe comes in a small size ensuring you put small amounts in its mouth hence moderating the dose you take.

Moderation is always good as you consume enough for a given time.

9. Use Natural Addictives

It’s good to find an alternative to solve your problem. Some natural foods come like sweet potato, ripe mangoes, broccoli, and nuts contain a mycrene.

When you eat the above food, the chemical in them helps in activating and improving the reception of cannabinoids in the brain.

When you take small amounts of weed, the receptors bind well thus enabling you to get high. You only need to change your consumption method and lower the tolerance in a healthier way.

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