How To Make A Sploof

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Are you an avid weed smoker experiencing trouble with anti-marijuana neighbors, or maybe your landlord is not a fan of the herb? Your options are, of course, looking for an ideal outdoor spot to enjoy smoking or go for the other option of eviction from your place.

Both these options are stressful, and that's the reason we have an easy way for you to cover up the smell of marijuana smoke, a sploof.

In this article, we will go through everything that you need to know about how to make a super sploof for a discreet and enjoyable smoking session.

A sploof is a tube that is full of stuff to help absorb and eliminate the scent of cannabis smoke. After you have a puff of your weed, just blow it into the sploof.

It filters the smoke stopping any smell from filling up the room or flowing into the window of your neighbor.

Making a Sploof

You will not have your pockets drained by making a sploof. You just need to check the kitchen cupboards and fish through the recycling bin as most of the materials needed are right in your house.

In total, to make a sploof requires; 

  • A pair of scissors, knife or blade
  • Cardboard toilet paper roll or a plastic bottle of any size
  • Dryer sheets with scent to banish the unwanted smell
  • A rudder band, tape or a piece of string

Step 1

This step varies depending on the piece of equipment you have selected to use. If you are using a cardboard toilet roll, you won’t have to make any modifications.

However, if you are using a plastic bottle, you should start by cutting the top third or roughly the size of a soda can of the bottle off and discard the bottom two-thirds.  

Step 2

Take your scented dryer sheets and start packing them into your water bottle or paper toilet roll. Three to four sheets are enough to hide the unwanted smell and filter out that scent.

If you don’t have the dryer sheets, you can use tissue papers sprayed with Febreze. Push these dryer sheets into the bottom and stuff some paper towels or toilet paper in there as well.

You can use something long with excellent points to push the dryer sheets all the way to the bottom. This is to ensure that if the dryer sheets were to slide up into your mouth, you wouldn't get the gross detergent taste. 

Step 3

Now that you have your sploof full of scented dryer sheets, it is time to add the last and most essential material. Use an extra dryer sheet to wrap it around the end of the sploof.

This acts as the last filter and lets even more smoke be captured upon exhalation. If you are using a toilet paper roll, it does not matter which end you choose to wrap the roll.

If you decided to use a bottle, wrap the sheet over the broader end that you made the first incision. This permits you to exhale the smoke using the smaller end as the mouthpiece, making it more efficient and aesthetic. 

You can either use an elastic band or a piece of string to attach the dryer sheet to the sploof’s main body. In case you are using a large plastic bottle, using tape will be more practical and more comfortable.  

Step 4

Enjoy! If you got this far you should have a sploof that is ready for use.

The sploof is now complete and fully operational, and you can start exhaling marijuana smoke into it and see it thwart the smoke from spreading.

The next step is for the perfectionist who wants to make the kit more pleasing visually. The first step is cutting the edges of the dryer sheet placed at the end, as stated in step three.

Cut its edges all round to remove any unneeded excess. This eliminates the risk of loosening the dryer sheet out or pulling it out.

It also makes the sploof appear much more attractive and tidier. 

Step 5

Make it unique with your own style. Now you can wrap up your sploof with a more artistic flare.

It is time to get crafty, decorate it, and customize it for a more personalized touch. You can use paint, pens, tape, and other things to decorate your creation with some happy symbols and designs to gaze at as you get blazed.

Now your sploof is ready to use. Use it to exhale into the opposite end where a dryer sheet has not been attached and be astonished at the lack of cannabis smoke and scent flooding your room.

On a side note, place the cap back on the plastic bottle quickly after you blow all of the smoke into the sploof.

This makes sure that the smoke can only get out through one way, that being, via the dryer sheets.  

Final Thoughts

Now that you are aware of the existence of such devices and how you can easily make one by yourself, you can use your sploof to filter the cannabis smell and avoid going away to try and find a discreet spot when you want to smoke.

Its easy to make by recycling the things that you would otherwise throw away.  However, not all sploofs are going to be fully efficient depending on your smoking technique, quality of materials, and how well you make your sploof.

As long as you ensure you have made a well-constructed sploof, and you make sure you exhale all the smoke through your creation, you can be sure that a sploof is an effective and suitable way of smoking undetected.

You will have a more stress-free experience as the nosy neighbors will no longer detect when you are smoking. So happy smoking and blaze up!

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