How To Make A Stoner Room – Coolest Ideas!

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What is a stoner room and why would you want to make one?

What is a stoner room and why would you want to make one?

Are you thinking black-light posters and huge ashtrays? The smell of weed burning and Led Zeppelin blasting in the background?

Well, if that is your idea of a peaceful haven, go for it. But a stoner room doesn’t have to be a stereotype of a teenaged wasteland. It can be far more than that.

Especially when you are using medical cannabis you should consider making yourself a relaxing haven that suits your needs.  So read on to find out how to make a stoner room ideal for your personal lifestyle.

Start by reflecting: What does weed do for you?

Does it relax you? Make you more able to be present in your body? Make you more aware of your senses of smell, touch, taste, and vision?

Does pot make you come alive in the moment and suddenly aware of yourself, your feelings?

Does it make you more open to art, in all its forms, and more able to focus of the nuances of your surroundings?

what does weed do for you?

Does it make you talkative or introspective? Are tastes, smells, and sounds that normally pass for “OK”, suddenly sometimes jarring, too chemical, or repulsive?

Or the opposite: can you now, while smoking, appreciate subtleties that would normally be lost on you?

Of course, it depends on the weed.

Different strains can bring out entirely different experiences. And of course, you can tailor your smoking experience to what you need.

Do you need Cannabis to relax, or wake up?

Do you want to just stop, and be, or are you looking to awaken your inspiration and senses? Do you want to focus on a creative project, or just have fun hanging out with friends?

Do you sometimes need a special space, where you can either zone out, or feel safe to allow your senses to awaken and become more aware of your surroundings?

If this is true for you, then a stoner room can be a space where you control the surroundings to maximize your experience.

I can give you some suggestions, but ultimately you will customize your space for your personal sensitivities and needs.

Do you need Cannabis to relax, or wake up?

Have you ever had the experience of getting stoned, and suddenly noticing that the lighting is harsh, or there is a chemical smell you didn’t notice?

Do you suddenly see all the dust bunnies hiding in plain sight?

Do you respond more emotionally or engage more deeply with music, or suddenly become aware of a noisy and harsh refrigerator sound that is normally lost in the mix of the ambient sounds of life?

If any of this resonates with you, you might want to consider creating a stoner room, where you have lovingly designed all the elements of your environment for your particular needs.

Where To Start Creating A Stoner Room

If you don’t know where to start, a good guideline is the Snoezi room, a therapeutic, multi-sensory environment designed to promote relaxation and healing, while awakening the senses.

Snoezi rooms, originating with Dutch therapists, help those healing from emotional or physical traumas, by designing healing spaces with attention to lighting, sounds, physical comfort, and peaceful smells.

Such a room provides and instant feeling of peace, with captivating, hypnotic lighting like lava lamps, water-bubble lamps, and colorful lighting.

The sense of smell is also important. ​Healing scents like lavender, rose, jasmine and many others are not only are pleasant, but have many healing properties, and deeply affect the central nervous system instantaneously.

Creating A Stoner Room

Relaxing music, that surrounds while leaving space for whatever emotions come up, can be a powerful tool in creating a relaxing and healing environment.

And, of course, a cozy place to curl up, from cushions, bean bags, couches, beds, to even hammocks that allow you to swing and rock, is essential to creating a chill space.

The below video below shows an amazing stoner room.....maybe a little over the top, and you DEFINITELY don't need so much stuff.  But just for the fun of it take a look 🙂

Once you get the idea, of a space that creates an instant chill, a sanctuary where you can be surrounded and held in a sensory womb room of sorts, you can customize the space to your personal preferences.

Do you love lava lamps and bubbly moving lights?

Or do you prefer a simple, gentle lighting?

Do you like relaxing gentle guitar and harp sounds?

Or is Jimi Hendrix the music that makes you happiest?

Do you have the perfect IKEA chair that takes you away from it all, or are you a hop on a bean bag kind of person?

There is no right or wrong.

And keep in mind that you’re not only creating a private zone for yourself. Your stoner room can be a great place to invite friends, who will look forward to the next time they get to get super stoned with you.

It can be a place to just hang, listen to music, or watch a movie, or it can be a place to talk, vision, dream big.

It can be a place with great munchies where you just let yourselves enjoy life for a change; or a creative space for jamming, with instruments to play, or even art supplies and journals to write it.

It can be whatever you want. Perfectly clean and orderly, or gently chaotic for inspiration. A chill zone or an inspiration pod. A spaceship or a cradle.

Just make sure there are plenty of lighters; and a good stash!

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