How to Not Look High After Smoking Weed? 7 Tips To Disguise Your High

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Every stoner is concerned about how to not high after smoking weed. This is one of the most frequent questions asked by new weed smokers.  And even if you are smoking medical cannabis for health reasons, you probably don't want to stand out from the crowd.

Nobody would want to look more stoned than they actually feel, in fact, we can’t think of a situation where one would want to look high after smoking weed. When you get high, you are afraid that everyone will know it.

If you need to mask that you are stoned, you need to remember some things including the fact that your eyes are barely opened, you smell like weed, and you might have been laughing looking at the corner for a few minutes.

Fortunately, you don't have to worry as we can take care of that.

Here are some useful tips on how not to look high after smoking weed.

Our 7 Tips On How To Disguise Your High Feeling When You're Stoned

1. Take Care of Your Eyes

Red eyes are one of the significant hallmarks of a stoner. Having red eyes looks appalling on all skin tones.

This way, most people get to suspect that you have used marijuana. One of the best remedies to take care of your eyes is using eyedrops. This product is mainly made for reducing the red eyes.

After using the drops, the eyes will appear glossy and then change to normal and bright after a few minutes. You should also try to open them wider to look normal, but it shouldn't be cocaine wide.

What about making sunglasses your friend?

Anything would be better than your bare face being scrutinized as you descend into the marijuana highness. You can play super cool and avoid getting stoned by hiding your eyes behind a pair of elegant designer sunglasses.

2. Stop Smelling Like Weed

stop smelling like weed

In an actual conversation with my friend, he asked me if I had been smoking weed. I asked him the reason why he thought I have been smoking weed and he said that I smelt like weed.

This shows why you need to find a way to get lid of the weed smell. After a weed session, spraying yourself with some perfume or deodorant can be a perfect way to hide how stoned you are.

Just like the seafood, the smell of weed is pleasant and welcome when needed and extremely suspicious when not anticipated. People around will always want to establish its source.

You can purchase some of the good smelling sprays to avoid the suspicion and have a minty fresh gum. More so, showering after smoking weed will help to remove the smoke odor from your body.

This comes hand in hand with changing your clothes, brushing your teeth and burning incense or light scented candles to put you into a different mood and help you to stop smelling like weed.

3. Keep the Conversation Short

don't talk too much on weed

Making weed induced statements around people is one of the ways to look high. Talking weed as you have fun and make a game out of it is a sure way of giving yourself away.

You should try and maintain a short dialogue that does not exceed five words after you have smoked weed. Try your best to avoid asking questions, if the answer is a yes, simply reply as a yes and if the reply is a no, simply say no.

What this is all about is that yes, you can get yourself into a conversation, but avoid being over talkative about your experiences. If you are new to smoking weed, just chatter down the entire conversation.

Until the cannabis wears off, you need to keep the conversations short.

4. Confidence

Maintaining your confidence is important in mastering how not to look high after smoking. If you want people not to notice, then don’t even think yourself that you have smoked weed, it will make you paranoid.  

Higher chances are that even the people who you are worried that they might notice won’t even realize the high state you are in. It might be challenging to act like everything's normal, but it is the best way of convincing people that everything is okay.

5. Fake It

In case everything seems to fail on trying to look normal while you are high, this might work for you. Faking it involves trying to look high in all moments.

Be happy and smile always. This way, people will start to think that is how you always act when you are normal.

They will not be able to tell when you are high after smoking marijuana, and when you are normal. Sweetness will always win.

6. Stay with People More Tolerant to Weed

Another possible way of how not to look high after smoking weed is staying around people who are more tolerant of the consumption of marijuana. This way, they will hardly notice that you are high even if you act silly. Instead, they will see it as fun.

7. Proper Storage

If you need to get out of the public eye, you'd better have a good source of storage for your cannabis. An airtight container that is smell proof would be perfect storage for your weed.


In most circumstances, people will not even notice that you are high. You should hence not tip them off with abnormal or excessive behavior. Even though it is fantastic to be high, it is recommendable to keep your high feelings under wrap.

The above tips will be useful in helping you not to look high after smoking weed. I am sure there is nobody who is going to observe you close enough to know you are high if you have great breadth, white eyes, a pleasant smell, and proper storage.

In case you want to stay away from everybody when you are high on weed, ensure that you have a place around your home or away from home where you can go to smoke weed and be alone. You can then wait to be sober to join others.

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