How To Properly Roll A Blunt – 7 Easy Steps

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What Is a Blunt?

If you're new to Medical Cannabis and need to know how to properly roll a blunt then you've come to the right place.

A blunt is cigar that is emptied of pure leaf tobacco and filled with cannabis.  A spliff or a joint is a made from a mixture of tobacco and cannabis.

Most of the blunt users enjoy the buzz from the cannabis mix with the leaf tobacco it is rolled in.  These wraps come in a diversity of flavors.

Rolling a blunt involves a set of norms that are set to maintain function and tradition.

So without further ado let's look at what you'll need in order to learn how to roll a great blunt.

Steps To Roll A Blunt

steps to roll a blunt

Here are the steps involved in rolling a blunt. However, you need to gather the below critical products first to make your life easier.

What Will I Need?

A Cannabis strain of your choice.

Cigar, cigarillo, or blunt wrap.

A Grinder and blade (optional but are helpful for those new to rolling.)

Step 1: Grind the Cannabis

The first thing to do is to break down the cannabis by hand or with a grinder. The best way to do it is to use a grinder as when the cannabis is ground well, it helps to maintain an even burn.

However once you're more experienced you can use your hands. This is the traditional way and is preferred by seasoned smokers to aid the blunt to burn a little slower.

Grind the Cannabis

Step 2: Prep the Blunt Wrap

To roll the blunt, you must use a tobacco wrap.

In the past, the Cannabis connoisseurs would empty a cigarillo such as Swisher Sweets, Backwoods or Phillies. However, today you can easily find an empty wrap in various stores. You should use a blade to cut the blunt lengthwise, but if you are accurate you can just crack the blunt with your fingers.

Once you split the blunt, completely empty the tobacco from the medium and discard it, unless you want to mix it with the Cannabis.  Some people prefer pure Cannabis and others prefer a mix.  A traditional blunt is pure Cannabis as mentioned above.

Step 3: Wet the Wrap

Moisture is the best medium that will ensure your blunt wrap is easier to work with and at the same time help to cover any tears which may occur as you empty the tobacco out. This is best done with saliva. But in case you are rolling the blunt for another person, you may consider your finger tip and some tap water.

Step 4: Fill It Up

Fill up the empty tobacco covering with ground cannabis, or a mixture of tobacco and Cannabis.  

Step 5: Roll the Blunt Wrap

roll the blunt wrap

Here, you roll the cannabis with your fingers to pack the blunt evenly. You must be careful. If the wrap is not moistened enough, it might crack.

Once you shape and pack the blunt, tuck the wrap on the lower side and wet the inner side of the exposed edge. Use your fingers to smooth out any wrinkles. In case the blunt cracks or your accidentally poke a hole while working on it, use gummy adhesive to repair it.

Step 6: Bake the Blunt

After rolling the blunt your next step is to bake or dry it. This process seals it together and insures an even burn. Baking is done via running the flame of a lighter lengthwise under the seam and round the outside. Be cautious and don't hold the lighter too close. You only need the heat and not the flame.

Step 7: Enjoy!

The last step is to enjoy the blunt! Light it up and enjoy with friends.

Why Roll Blunts?

The ways to smoke weed are so versatile. There are bongs, pipes, joints and vaporizers, just to name a few. However, when you get down to it, the best way to smoke marijuana is in the form of a blunt.  (Of course this may not be your personal preference).

The right cigar adds an amazing flavor to the smoke. The combination of the tobacco skin and the Cannabis makes it easier to get high faster.

You will also appreciate the reduced amount of paraphernalia with blunt smoking compared to pipes and other ways of smoking. The accessories are small and discrete and easy to carry. This aspect makes blunt rolling great for a person 'on the go'.

prep the blunt wrap

You do not need to have a lot money to enjoy the smoking experience of a blunt. It is the greatest way to smoke weed in public, besides, it is quick to roll and allows you to smoke an impartial amount of weed within a stretch of time, furthermore, a blunt offers a very sustaining experience, if you are used to bongs and pipes, blunts are the best way to escape the norm. 

Generally, blunts enhance the weed flavor and get you on your toes faster. The most amazing thing about it is that it can sometimes make the worst weed enjoyable to smoke. Of course, the better quality your weed, the more pleasant will be your blunt.

Weed And Blunts

Light the blunt

The type of the weed you will use depends highly on the type of blunt you will roll. A great blunt roll is made with dry bud that has been through a grinder. However, be sure that you do not grind it too fine since this will leave tons of little weed flecks in your mouth.

Also, ensure the bud is not moist or leafy. Moist or leafy bud may make your bud blunt squishy thereby making it hard to roll.

If you are planning to smoke as you ride, you need to pre-grind the weed. Normally a blunt uses a double amount of weed to that of an average size joint, therefore breaking as you ride may be problematic.

Useful tips that ensure you roll the blunt perfectly

• Get fresh wraps since it is it is not possible to have a nice blunt without a good wrap.

• Do not roll too tight or too lose, if you make it too tight, smoke will find it difficult to pass through. If you make it too loose,  it may mess up the whole blunt and it will fall apart.

• When baking, do not hold the lighter too close to the blunt.

• Do not add too much weed.  You may over pack and make it hard to roll.  Also it raises the chances of a tear in the rolling leaf.

• Always use your lips to lick and not the tongue, this will ensure you do not overdo the moisture.

 Have any questions or suggestions?  Feel free to leave a comment below!


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