How To Rehydrate Weed

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Firstly, before we get into how you can rehydrate your weed, let’s talk about why you may want to do so. Smoking dry weed not only makes your throat dry, but it also lessens the effects it has on your body.

Juicy, sticky buds are higher in the chemical THC. THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol which is actually what causes marijuana to affect your thoughts, time perception, pleasure, and coordination. So as you can imagine, smoking weed that is too dry will feel like… well… smoking a dry weed. 

If you plan to not only smoke your weed but make oils, dabs or weed butter, it is in your best interest to use only hydrated weed. This is simply because THC is nearly impossible to extract from weed when it is crumbly and dry.  

Your weed may be dry because of how you stored it, so for next time, remember an airtight glass jar is the best way to keep your weed fresh. If you already store your weed like this, your weed might have dried out because you have gotten near the bottom of the jar. 

Don’t worry though, your buds are far from ruined! There are plenty of ways you can rehydrate your weed that aren’t complicated at all. Here is a step by step guide of a few of the best methods around.

Orange Peel

We will start off with the easiest and most popular way of rehydrating your weed. Adding an orange peel to your marijuana stash is one of the fastest ways to rehydrate some sorry for itself pot.

  1. Grab a citrus fruit, doesn’t matter if you use an orange, lemon, lime or grapefruit, they all work just as well.
  2. Using a sharp knife, cut off a bit of the peal.
  3. Place the piece of skin in the jar with the dried out weed.
  4. Make sure you seal the jar well.
  5. Check the weed every couple of hours, you don’t want it to get too moist.

Did You Know? 

This method will add a citrusy flavor to your weed. If you want to experiment with other flavors, adding a piece of apple or other relatively dry fruits to your weed jar will also add a tasty twist to your pot.

Using Distilled Water

If you aren’t too keen on flavoring your weed while you rehydrate it, give this method a go. You must use distilled water and not regular tap water. Distilled water is filtered and has already had all of the impurities removed making it free of chemicals and pure.

  1. Wet a paper towel with distilled water, do not soak it completely.
  2. Place the wet paper towel in a sandwich bag.
  3. Cut a little hole in the sandwich bag so that moisture can get out.
  4. Put the sandwich bag containing the damp paper towel in the jar with your weed and close it tightly.
  5. This process will take about 2 to 12 hours,  so check up on your weed every couple of hours.

Did You Know?

Making your weed too moist isn’t good either. Just like food gets moldy, weed does too. So it is vital you don’t forget about your weed during any of these rehydrating processes.


Bread can help you rehydrate your pot. Who’d have thought it hey? 

  1. Grab a slice of fresh bread.
  2. Put the bread in a large sandwich bag.
  3. Put your dry buds in the bag with the slice of bread.
  4. Leave overnight.

Did You Know?

Bread is actually full of moisture, have you ever put bread in the fridge and it has gone moldy really quickly? That is because the bread contains moisture that recristalises quickly when it is cold, making mold.

Humidity Packs

Weed is considered ‘perfect’ when it is between 55-62% RH. The RH stands for Relative Humidity. You can actually get special humidity packs that keep whatever is stored in a box with them at a specific humidity level. We recommend using the Boveda humidity pack.

Did You Know?

Pay attention to the RH percentage on the humidity packs when you purchase them. There are different levels of humidity that each pack provides so make sure you get a pack that is between 55-62% RH.

Fresh Weed

You may have already purchased fresh weed and the dry weed you have is the leftovers of your old pot stash. Here is how you can rehydrate your left overs using your new, moist weed.

  1. Look for a jar big enough to accommodate both the old and new marijuana.
  2. Put both stash’s together in an airtight jar and seal.
  3. Leave overnight. 

The dry weed should be full of life by the morning. If it isn’t, leave it a little bit longer with the fresh weed.

Did You Know?

History shows that paint canvases were once made out of hemp. The word ‘canvas’ is connected to the word ‘cannabis’.


Up until now all of the methods have required a bit of patience, waiting between a couple of hours to a whole night just for your weed to be moist and smokable. This method however can take as little as 20 minutes to rehydrate your pot. 

It is a bit of a more complicated method, so if you aren’t familiar with how moist your weed should be or the method itself, try one of the other methods before resorting to this one. If your weed isn’t really really dry, and is just a tiny bit dry, avoid this method completely. 

  1. Fill a pan with distilled water.
  2. Bring the pot of water to boil.
  3. Take the boiling water off the heat.
  4. Secure a piece of cloth over the pan so that the water is completely covered using an elastic band or strong tape to stop the cloth from moving or slipping into the water.
  5. Put the dry buds on the cloth and let the steam rehydrate them.
  6. Turn the buds over every 10-20 minutes.
  7. Remove once they become moist enough.

Did You Know?

Bob Marley was buried with his guitar, his treasured bible and a juicy bud of his favorite strain of weed. What a send off!


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