How To Roll A Joint With Rolling Papers?

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If you are reading this article, maybe we have something in common. I’ve always been content to let others do the rolling. This is how we roll. Call it a lack of experience, a mental block; whatever.

The point is I reached my midlife crisis without every having rolled my own joints. I couple of years ago I asked a nice, tight roller I know how it’s done.

A few shaky starts and a few years later, I am proud to say that I am now capable of adding “rolling a decent joint” to my resume.

Since I also play several instruments, raised several kids, and completed a college degree, you wouldn’t think that this minor accomplishment would be such a source of pride. But it is. And I’m here to share the wealth. Happy rolling!


One piece of regular old 8/11 printer paper, or whatever scrap you have around that you don’t mind getting it smelling like weed

Slow-burning rolling papers

Accordion filters


(Optional: fillers like tobacco or natural herbal smoke remedy)

Preheat oven to 275. Just Kidding!

how to use papers to make a blunt

So How's It Done?

If you have a grinder, go ahead and prepare your weed by grinding it up into little bits. If you don’t have a grinder, you can use tiny scissors to cut it all up into little bits.

Crushing the weed in your fingers is not recommended, as, in the process, you will lose a lot of the trichomes. And trichomes are your friends!

Literally meaning “hairs” these are the fragile edges of the plantwhich are little crystals around the leaves. 

These can turn to dust and stick to your fingers, or a plastic bag, and that would be a crying shame.

Once your weed is ground, chose whether you want a straight up joint, or to blend it with tobacco or natural herbal smoke blend.

How To Make Sure You Don't Make Your Joint Too Strong?

Grind the Cannabis

Basically, this is a way of spreading out the cannabis, making joints that are less strong.

This could be a good idea if you have limited quantities, want to smoke a lot, or, are looking for excuses to smoke tobacco and would prefer not to smoke regular cigarettes.

If you are blending, place the weed and the blend into a piece of paper that has been folded. The weed should go in the fold.

Add your additive and mix well so that the weed is distributed throughout the paper. Now you’re ready to roll.

Get your filter ready…it may come with prepared folds, so you can make an accordion shape and then wrap the rest of the filter around it to get a circle shape.

Alternatively, you can just roll it up in a spiral that is the width of the joint you want to roll. If it is too big, the joint will be lopsided. Too small, and it will be hard to smoke, so get it in the range of the desired circumference of your joint.

OK Let's Roll!

Hold the paper in your left hand, with the sticky part on the far end of the paper.

Pop the filter in on the right side of the empty rolling paper and transfer the paper to your right hand. Keep the filter flush with the rolling paper the right-hand side.

Begin to fill the joint with the weed/weed mixture. Either go for a uniform amount along the entire length of the joint, or have it be slightly fatter on the end that is far from the filter.

Holding the joint in your right hand, tamp down the contents with your right pointer finger until it is packed down pretty well.

Then, using both hands, roll the paper back and forth between your pointer and third fingers until it seems stable. Tuck the edge that is closest to you in and roll it up with enough muscle to keep everything good and tight.

light the joint up

When you’ve reached the end, lick the paper from right to left, and then, starting on the filter side, use your left hand to stick the sticky part down, while your right hand rolls the joint away from you so that the sticky part is sealed the whole length of the joint.

If you are not practiced, your joint may be a little loose. You can either use something pointing to pack it in a bit from the end or twist the end of it to hold things together.

Some people do a kind of burn thing with a cigarette lighter that makes the whole thing tighter. I’m not about to see a joint go up in flames if I’m not smoking it, so next time you see someone who does that, ask them what it’s all about.

Now, light up or leave me alone!

Interesting Facts:

  • Pot smoking can be a gateway to cigarette usage, especially when rolling. Careful!
  • Natural rolling papers from hemp are slow burning so that your paper doesn’t burn faster than your weed. Important.
  • Cigarette rolling papers burn too fast to make a good joint. For emergency use only.
  • Practice makes perfect. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.
  • Also, don’t be afraid to get in there and roooollll the paper with the weed in in so that it gets nicely packed. Otherwise you will have a loose puppy on your hands.
  • Enjoy…!

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