How To Use An Automatic Cigarette Roller – 4 Easy Steps

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The use of automatically rolled cigarettes is growing in popularity at a very high rate in many countries.

Using rolled cigarettes has many benefits compared to standard cigarettes. The increased tax rate on the conventional cigarettes has made many people choose the rolled cigarettes since their tax rate is significantly low.

You can also use these automatic rolling machines to roll medical cannabis together with tobacco. 

The rolled cigarettes are much healthier and cheaper compared to standard cigarettes.

However, many people find it hard to use the automatic rolling machine since it is quite complicated and requires some skill. But once you get the hang of it it's easy.

Below you have a comprehensive guide with easy steps to help you roll a cigarette or joint very effectively if you're having trouble rolling with an automatic cigarette roller.

We highly suggest taking a look at the explanatory video and it will make a whole lot more sense after seeing that.

1. So What Do I Need?

So to start out you're going to need:

1. An automatic cigarette rolling machine.

2.  A tin to keep your tobacco and/or medical marijuana in.

3.  Rolling papers.

4.  Filters.

We use tins for keeping the tobacco in as they are spill proof and also keep the strong tobacco smell inside the tin.  You can keep your medical cannabis there too, in the same tin.

tobacco tin

2. Learn About The Automatic Roller

Take a look at your rolling machine, you will see that there is one side with a hinge.

When using the cigarette rolling machine always make sure the unhinged side of the device is facing you.

The unhinged side should be used to fill the rolling machine with tobacco to almost full and make sure to spread it evenly to improve there is an even burning rate.  The machine will pack it tight for you by itself in the next stages.

learn about the automatic cigarette rolling machine

3. Closing The Roller

Put the filter on the left hand side and then add tobacco.

Make sure all your tobacco is inside the roller without any stands hanging out.  Look at it from the top and also on the sides.

Now for rolling. While you are rolling, you should make sure you are feeling the pressure on the roll while you see the tobacco on top moving into space. The hinged side of the roller should face you as you place your thumbs to support the roller with your palms.

Be very careful as you pull the roller towards you as you feel the pressure. If you think there is a lot of weight you have overfilled the roller; therefore, it needs to be opened, and the tobacco on top removed leaving the remaining tobacco compact. The hinged side should rotate towards you.

4. Prepare The Rolling Paper

Identify the adhesive side; this will help you to insert the opposite side into the closed roller.

Adjust until the sticky side faces you while the hinged roller also faces you. This process is essential and challenging for many therefore ensures you perform it skillfully.

Start to remove the paper from the roller carefully, but it requires some skill to grab the paper on the roller.

This part requires patience and a lot of trying. When you finally remove the paper from the roller ensure you lick the adhesive and roll the paper carefully into the roller with the part that does not have gum going in first.

It is advisable before placing the paper into your roller to make sure it is straight to make it roll evenly in the cigarette roller. Ensure it is efficient by using many even rotations to enhance more safety.

Take a few seconds as you wait for the gum to dry, if you are satisfied with the whole process you can open the roller, and you will have a nicely packed cigarette.

Never leave the place you use to roll the cigarette dirty, ensure you dust and clean to causing any health problems.

Extra Tips

The roller comes in different sizes, varying from 70mm to 100mm in diameter, and the decision of which size you want for your cigarette is personal. Really it depends also on how strong you want the cigarette to be.

So have fun rolling and look back on the video if you still need extra help!

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