Is It Bad To Smoke Weed With A Zippo? – Don’t Find Out The Hard Way!

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So Can You Use a Zippo to Smoke Weed?

I could give you a one-word answer, but that wouldn’t make much of a blog post, would it? And my devoted readers know how I love to entertain.

Plus, you’d have nothing to go on but a single, two letter word. So let’s make this fun, and start with a visualization.

The rugged, suntanned cowboy rides in to town. Parking his faithful steed by the saloon, he swings down and effortlessly ties the rope around the post and reaches into his pocket for his smokes.

Pulls out a Marlboro, whips out his trusty zippo, and lights up while the wind blows tumbleweeds across the road, and the flame around in the air around his cigarette.

No matter, the large zippo flame burns the entire bottom of his cigarette; it is after all, just a cigarette, and he does, after all, look so cool.

Now let’s imagine another scene. The hippie/hipster rides into town on his electric bike. Pulling out a bike chain, he attaches the bike to the bike locking structure build precisely for this purpose by the town where he lives.

He parks in front of a juice bar, where he plans to buy a Sweet Tart Greenie (recipe below) after he gets good and stoned on his last spliff.

He’s not rich, so he’s a bit careful with his stash, and really looking forward to getting every last puff into those lungs of his.

Sweet Tart Greenie Recipe 🙂

banana - 1 whole
vanilla soy protein powder - 1 scoop
avocado - 1/2 a large one
broccoli - a generous spring (about 4 inches high and 2 inches at the top). Break or chop it into smaller pieces
lime juice - roll it on the counter, chop it in half, and squeeze in juice of 1 entire lime
long English cucumber - about 5-6 inches, chopped coarsely
orange juice - about 1/2 cup

He pulls out his zippo and the huge, butane reeking flame dances in the Oregon wind. Half his joint is instantly dematerialized, literally going up in a puff of smoke.

But no matter, it’s just a joint, and he does, after all, look so cool.



I think this parable is self-explanatory, but I will up my word count by making this perfectly clear.

Zippos lighters, which have a cool, pop open latch that swings so elegantly open, a sleek stainless steel design that fits perfectly into your hand, and a HUGE flame that can easily decimate whatever gets caught in the crosswind, is NOT the lighter for lighting up.

Your pot is too precious to waste, and the smell of all that butane will interfere with your olfactory experience of Jah’s gentle herb.

And no amount of coolness is worth that.

So please, if you must smoke cigarettes, be a Marlboro man and go the whole nine yards with a zippo. Live it up while your lungs shrivel.

But if you are on the Erie path, leave Zippo behind and use a Bic or any old lighter.

Just say no.

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