What Is Cannabis Used For Medically? You Won’t Believe It!

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All You Need to Know About Medical Cannabis (Marijuana)  

Currently, thousands of people worldwide are using Medical Cannabis because of the numerous benefits that it provides for its users. 

Medical Cannabis has been used to treat several ailments for a very long time. Research has proven that its major compounds which are THC and CBD play a significant role in the plant’s healing properties.

Mainly, CBD is responsible for the medical benefits. THC, on the other hand, has its benefits too.

We will discuss more about the medical benefits of Cannabis below.

Medical Cannabis is rapidly gaining popularity in the United States and other parts of the world. This is because marijuana is proving to be a superior and natural alternative to prescription drugs.

And contrary to common belief it does not have to be smoked.  It can be bought as oil, tablets, or even edible supplements.

What are The Benefits of Medical Cannabis (Marijuana)?  

what are the benefits of medical marijuana

If you were wondering if Marijuana has any benefits, below we have compiled some of them for you. Most people often think that Cannabis is only for recreational purposes, but that’s not true. Marijuana possesses several health benefits.  That is why Medicanco's mission is to get rid of the negative stigma that unfortunately exists today.

• It’s a Natural Painkiller

Are you suffering from chronic pain? Medical marijuana could be the solution you have been searching for. The THC is responsible for reducing pain and inflammation. Over the years, it has been known to provide relief to conditions that cause pain such as arthritis and cancer.

• Reduces Nausea and Vomiting

Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy often complain of vomiting and nausea. However, Medical Marijuana has proven to reduce these effects. Additionally, THC has shown to be very helpful in killing cancer cells.

• Increase Appetite

Have you ever heard that Cannabis gives you “munchies”? Well, that’s not a myth, it’s true. Marijuana helps increase your appetite, therefore, ensuring that your body is healthy.

• Relieves Chronic Anxiety

The CBD compound which is non-psychoactive has shown to provide anxiety relief. It is a better alternative to anti-anxiety medications that have serious side effects. Marijuana has particularly proven to be helpful in treating some forms of anxiety such as public speaking.

• Treatment of Glaucoma

Marijuana is capable of lowering the pressure inside the eye, therefore treating glaucoma.

Other than the benefits mentioned above, Medical Marijuana can be used to control epileptic seizures, ease the pain of multiple sclerosis, protect the brain after a stroke, help treat PTSD and much more. Most doctors in states where it is legal are nowadays prescribing Medical Marijuana to patients because of the numerous health benefits.

Why Should Marijuana Be Legalized In all States and Countries?  

where is medical cannabis legal

Up to date, there are some states in the US and countries all over the world where Marijuana is still illegal. It means that the citizens living in such areas cannot access the benefits of using Marijuana. 

In the US, there are states where Marijuana is still illegal, but these laws are slowly being changed. As you can see above, Medical Marijuana has a lot of medical benefits. This is why lots of people are advocating for its legalization.

Medical Cannabis is a natural remedy unlike prescription pills, and it has no harmful side effects. Legalizing marijuana can greatly improve the economy.

Take a look at a state such as California which has made millions of revenue from taxing medical cannabis. It’s harmless unlike other drugs such as alcohol which is legal.

Now that the world has decided to go green, the growth of Medical Marijuana can help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the air.

It is eco-friendly and can grow in any weather condition. The legalization would help create lots of jobs ranging from those working in MJ clinics to those growing and cultivating marijuana.

Once marijuana is legal, scientists will be able to explore other medicinal effects of using the herb. Imagine the numerous groundbreaking discoveries that were made about Marijuana when it was illegal - how many more will be discovered when scientists all over the world can have access to it?

Where Can You Legally Smoke Cannabis in The US?  

where can you legally smoke cannabis in the US

If you are touring the US, you definitely want to know the places where marijuana is legal.

However you should bear in mind that even though it's legal in certain States ​it is still not legal in the Federal Government. This creates a big problem when smoking in public places.

You should probably cross check this list to avoid brushing shoulders with the authorities.

Marijuana is legal in the following states;  


• California

• Colorado

• Maine

• Massachusetts

• Nevada

• Oregon

• Vermont

• Washington

The above states have legalized the use of marijuana for both recreation and medical use. You must be 21 years and above to be able to purchase cannabis.

However, other states have legalized marijuana for medical use only. They include North Dakota, Florida, Arkansas and Montana.

In states where medical marijuana is only for medical use, you must have a medical marijuana card. To get an MMJ card, you must have a recommendation from an MMJ doctor. Luckily, there are lots of online MMJ doctors that can conduct your 420 Evaluations online.

What about Medical Marijuana Accessories?  

medical marijuana accessories

Now you are familiar with the benefits and where it’s legal to use Medical Marijuana. There’s more to using Medical Marijuana other than buying the bud. Marijuana accessories are very essential.

You will need a Stink Sack to store your marijuana. You should find one that is airtight so that it seals the smell of marijuana.

A grinder is also essential for preparing the bud. Rolling papers also come in handy, and you can choose from the different flavors to give you a great taste and smell. A rolling tray is also necessary to avoid spilling weed crumbs all over the place.

Depending on your taste or preference, you can get a bong, a pipe or a vaporizer. If you decide to use a pipe, find a metallic glass or wooden one.

Avoid plastic at all costs because it contains harmful toxins that are dangerous. A bong is an excellent marijuana accessory because the water cools the smoke making it easy to inhale.

It additionally cleanses the smoke making it free from residues. Vaporizers have become a favorite medical marijuana accessory. It’s because they produce little smoke and smell. You can therefore conveniently smoke in public.

Medicanco's Mission

We aim to be the biggest information resource in the world for Medical Cannabis (Marijuana).

We will be providing you with up to date information on all you need to know about Medical Cannabis. 

Ranging from the vast benefits to the places where it’s legal or illegal to smoke around the world.

The Medicanco team is committed and determined to create awareness about Medical Marijuana and also provide you with information about fantastic Cannabis accessories.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.


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