What Is The Best Way To Store Marijuana?

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All plant products require proper storage after harvesting. Marijuana is not an exception in this case. If you're a marijuana farmer or you just received a decent amount of it as a gift from your friend, you need to learn a few things about storing it.

As a farmer, you have had enough time showering your cannabis plant with tokens of love. You took the utmost care in harvesting as well as curing, and now your marijuana needs proper storage.

But how do you do it to ensure your cannabis flowers remain fresh and last long? Read on.

Why you need t​​​​o store cannabis well

Storing marijuana well has some significant benefit. It is, therefore, essential to understand why it is vital to store your cannabis well. Proper cannabis storage ensures that the product maintains its decent taste, flavor, potency, and smell.

All these factors are what we collectively refer to as marijuana desirability level. 

The smell of a cannabis flower is impressive, and it is essential to maintain it if you have to store the product for long periods of time. Storage methods for cannabis have evolved most significantly, and its quite important you stay updated on the best modern storage methods.

5 Ways To Best Store Your Medical Cannabis

Use of Glass Jars

The very best ways to keep marijuana fresh for long periods of time is to use dark and dry glass jars.

The very new bud of cannabis is very tempting and easy to put on those hungry lips for a puff.

However, sometimes you can get a perfectly lovely batch that you cannot smoke off completely. In such a case, it calls for storage options.

By now you might be wondering why you need to store your cannabis in dark glass jars. Well, by default, transparent glass jars allow light to pass through.

Light has been studied and documented as one of the factors that cause degradation of the marijuana flower. Sunlight is the most significant factor so far known to cause deterioration of cannabis potency.

The light burns up cannabinoids and terpenes, which gives marijuana its strength. The resultant weed is less effective and tasteless.

To avoid this, store your cannabis in tight jars that are opaque and put it away from direct sunlight. 

Use A Cannabis Humidor

Besides dark glass jars, the use of a Humidor is the second-best option to store marijuana. A humidor is a wooden box derived from mahogany and helps in maintaining internal humidity as well as offering the very best stylish ways of storing the hash.

The most famous and commonly used Humidor is the cannador and helps keep cannabis fresh and well looking.

It's advisable to refrain from using a tobacco humidor since the cedar is not appropriate for cannabis. Cedar transfers oils and odor which are known to cause a significant effect on tobacco but also destructive to weed buds.

Boveda Packs

Boveda packs are the next most appropriate method to store cannabis. Boveda can store cannabis even over a year or more. 

Boveda Packs uses salts as well as water as absorbent beads that take up excess water from cannabis. Keeping a specified level of humidity in cannabis means that the phytochemicals in the flower can't undergo degradation.

Some people go an extra mile and combine a Cannador humidor and Boveda packs to store cannabis. Well, especially if you have large quantities that need longer storage times, this method is a candidate to keep your weed fresh, and equivalently dry. 

Boveda packs regulate humidity by absorbing moisture from the weed if there is excess moisture. In the same fashion the packages tend to regulate moisture in the cannabis when the moisture levels are low. 

Use of CVault Container

A CVault container is the next best method for storing cannabis. These are containers that go perfectly with Humidor acting as an excellent way of weed storage.

Manufactures of the Boveda pack and the CVault company partnered to manufacture a CVault container. This container helps in maintaining the relative humidity of cannabis products by regulating its internal humidity level.

The CVault, combined with Boveda technology in cannador Humidor, offers the very best option in marijuana storage. However, if you feel that Boveda technology is not for you then you can try a different technique with a combination of CVault containers. 

Use of Sandwich Bags Method

Over the years, people have been storing marijuana in sandwich bags. However, this storage method continues to be undesirable for several reasons.

Sandwich bags are cheap, citing the reasons why people prefer to use them most of the time. Its has been noted with concern that sandwich bags causes sweating in marijuana, which increases cannabis humidity level lowering it's potency.

Cannabis Storage and Temperature Relation

So do temperatures have a relationship to the degradation of weed potency? Well, cannabinoids and terpenes of cannabis are very sensitive to aspects such as light, moisture, air, and temperatures. 

Cannabis needs to be stored in temperatures of 75F or 24oc and below. Temperatures above this tend to dry up marijuana whiles as on the other hand when temperatures below this cause potency loss.

Fungi and bacteria that are harmful to plants tend to grow over marijuana when temperatures exceed 24oc. This can end up ruining the potency of your cannabis. 

To properly store marijuana and avoid its damage emanating from fluctuating temperatures, you will need to find a cool place where you can store your weed. It is advisable to avoid areas that receive direct sunlight.

These areas can be for example in a cupboard, or in a drawer or closet. 


So, what is the best way to store marijuana? Well, the above are the very best methods that have been noted to prolong the cannabis shelf life. 

You must remember that however you decide best to store your marijuana, this forms the primary determinant on whether your pot will maintain its potency, or will be degraded. 

Several people recommend storage of cannabis in freezers. This option is unwarranted and non-optimal as low temperatures harm the cannabis chemical composition. 

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