What To Watch While High

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Getting high is not the issue, but what you do after getting high is what will determine the effect. So, many stoners smoke to have a good time, others smoke to chill and relax, read or study while others stone to meditate.

All in all, the effect of smoking Marijuana is the same in all circumstances. As a result, when you engage yourself in any activity, you expect to enjoy it fully.

A majority of stoners will tell you that they prefer engaging themselves in activities that cause some sense of joy, fun, and one that will divert their attention. If you don't have something in particular to do, the high may impact you negatively. Through extreme thought, anxiety, and paranoia. To avoid this, you ought to do something that makes you happy and improves your mood.

The most frustrating thing is being high and confused on YouTube, the millions of videos will not be helpful but rather disappointing and may spoil your mood, and you did not get stoned to be bored but rather to have a good time.

So, if you don’t know what to do when high, we are here to help you out. I am going to discuss some of the things that you can watch while high and will help you be happy and high.

At the same time, ensuring your mind is not diverted so much so that you can have a good time.

What To Watch While High

1. Animal Videos

There is nothing more enjoyable than watching animal videos. There are thousands if not millions of animal videos on YouTube, and if you’re interested in the wild, then animal hunting is the way to go.

If you don't want too much energy and action, you may prefer small cute animal videos. These videos are funny and will surely crack your ribs and divert your attention from the high.

You can also watch the various pets that people have and may get perfect ideas on how to treat yours.

2. Prank Videos

The most engaging videos, if you are alone or with a company, are prank videos. They will give you ideas and also crack you up.

Everybody likes a good laugh, especially if you’re high. Prank videos also engage your mind by giving you ideas of how to prank your family and friends, but be careful not to choose risky pranks.

3. Music Videos

What To Watch While High

When high, it’s advisable to have something to distract you, especially if you’re super high. And YouTube has millions of videos that you can watch.

Whatever your taste is, YouTube has the playlist. Music is a great way to enjoy the high because your active, engaged, distracted, and still having fun.  

And as a matter of fact, YouTube has its playlist for anyone high, and you can try it out.

4. Life Hack Videos

Today you cannot browse YouTube and miss a life hack video. They are so many, and while high, they can come in handy in ensuring that we remain active.

When you’re high, your brain can comfortably concentrate on something for a very long time without being distracted; as a result, you can adopt the life hacks easily. 

The only con is that some of these hacks involve the operation of machinery, and it’s not advisable to operate machinery while under the influence, so choose something simple or watch, then try later.

5. Family Feud

The family drama is always the best to watch, especially when high. It’s both intriguing and fun to watch, a mixed bowl of emotion you may find yourself crying then laughing at the same time.

In youtube, you can catch a Steph Harvey Compilation or Divorce Court drama. 

6. Magic and Magicians

What To Watch While High

Do you want to get shocked, surprised, amazed, and confused at the same time? Then this is what you should engage.

Watch as Dynamo does his thing or the insane card tricks that will leave you amazed for the rest of the day. The soundtrack is unrivaled. 

7. A$AP Rocky and Danny on Sex, Drugs and Music Industry

Do you want to have the company of two of the very famous and extremely high rappers on the planet?

Nothing will equal this because they talk about everything music, where they engage in ciphers, everything sex, everything you need to know about drugs. They will make sure you feel like Elchapo in your league. 

8. Weed Smoking Videos

Crack your ribs with the ocean of videos about people smoking weed. Check as grannies are out smoking marijuana for the first time, this video will leave you in stitches.

If you want some form of inspiration, then check the gurus who have puffed tobacco for a couple of years teach you how to smoke and the different strains of weed.

9. Visualizers

If you've never tried this out, then you’re missing out. I know the visualizer on our laptops is crazy, but when compared to this, they are nothing.

On YouTube, you can watch two million particles at 25fps, now that's crazy.

All in all, if you decide to get stoned, don't do it alone. But if you do, then check these and many more videos on YouTube. 

Stoning is meant to be fun, so don't just sit there staring blankly or overthinking turn the high into fun. 

People usually say that we are what we feed our minds. So always ensure that even while high, you supply your account with something that will build you and not destroy your well-being.

Filter what you expose yourself to, especially when you're most vulnerable.

I believe we will all agree that the internet is the source of all things; exciting and annoying. And when high, annoying is not what you want.

I believe that the above videos will guide you into getting something to watch on YouTube and ensure that you enjoy the high. 

So next, you can customize a playlist on YouTube that you experience when you’re elevated to reduce the aspect of confusion when you want to have a good time.

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