What’s The Best Thing To Smoke Weed Out Of?

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Regardless of whether you lean toward smooth and easy drags or huge lung fulls of smoke, there are numerous ways to puff on your preferred herb.

There are no limitations to the creative ideas of smoking weed. Actually, there are numerous ways to smoke marijuana that will surprise you.

However, a few methods are not as healthy as others. Here at Medicanco we'll cover the various ways you can smoke your pot and eat it too.  In this article we'll concentrate on the smoking aspect.

It is difficult to answer the question of what's the best thing to smoke weed out of because it is about what you appreciate and what works best for you.

If you are searching for better methods to smoke marijuana, or essentially need to know what your alternatives are, here are some of the best ways to smoke weed.

1. Bong

If you are a cannabis enthusiast who enjoys big hits of smoke, a bong is an excellent way to smoke weed. They come in various sizes and shapes, but they also produce a lot of smoke in one hit.

The primary benefit of consuming weed using this method is that it contains water. Apart from cooling the smoke, the water also acts as a filter by reducing toxins like nicotine and resin.

The other benefit of a bong is that you can make it by yourself. However, if you prefer acquiring a high-quality bong, there are endless possibilities.

2. Gravity Bong

If your current bong is not hitting the high point you want, the gravity bong could be an alternative for you. Truth be told, no extravagant instruments are needed for this apparatus. 

You can really make one utilizing household things. 

Making a gravity bong requires a 2-litre jug and another container with a larger size. Otherwise, you can utilize your kitchen sink or bathtub. 

At that point, cut marginally less than half of your bottle from the bottom and put it in the bigger container. Then, use the 2-liters cap to make a bowl. 

Then, wrap the bowl and light it up while gradually lifting the bottle, filling it up with smoke. This way, you will be breathing in quite big haze of smoke.

3. Gas Mask

Smoking out of a gas mask is not actually something you see that often, yet it's ensured to top off your body with smoke. All you need to do is put on the mask, fire the bowl, and enjoy the weed topping off your face. 

If you need to inhale as much pot smoke as much as possible, this method of using marijuana is a way to do that correctly.

4. Hookah

A hookah is just cool, period. It does not only allow several people to smoke from it at a single time, but it also holds a lot of smoke.

Actually, hookahs have been there for several hundreds of years. Like bongs, hookahs contain water through which smoke is filtered. 

Additionally, its bowls are more significant than those in bongs. Rather than smoking from an open tube, the hookah has a hose that allows you to inhale more casually.

5. Steamroller

If you want big gulps of smoke but not from a bong, you can try a steamroller. Steamrollers utilize long simple tubes. 

However, there are other sleek designs out there. The best thing about a steamroller is that you can easily and quickly hit your weed.

Unlike bongs, steamrollers don't contain water or any additional substance.

6. Vaporizer

Vaporizing is not smoking itself, but it is a weed consumption method though. Vaporizing is not harsh to the lungs since there is no flame needed. 

Generally, vaporizers give your cannabis enough heat to enjoy your THC without excessive smoke. Indeed, vaporizing allows you to obtain 100% THC.

Better yet, there are various types of vaporizers. Whether you love consuming cannabis while on the move or at home, there is a wide variety of top quality vaporizers that are small enough to put in to any pocket.

7. Blunt

Even if blunts are products made from tobacco, most individuals utilize them strictly for cannabis. The primary reason why individuals smoke out of blunts is for their discreetness. 

Additionally, blunts are available in various flavours, which is the other reason most weed smokers love them. Also, they are straightforward to roll and also last longer. 

You can roll a lot of weed in them, which means you can share with your colleagues. However, keep in mind that blunts contain tobacco, which makes them a less robust method of smoking weed.

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8. Joint

Most weed enthusiasts know and love joints. A joint is among the cheapest methods of consuming cannabis. 

The papers are not only economical; they also don't consume a lot of weed. Also, you don't have to worry about them getting broken.

Additionally, you can also smoke using just one hand. Depending on the papers you buy, which can be very natural and others less natural, joints are not as harsh as other weed smoking methods.

Even better, you can create artworks when rolling joints, from cones to crosses.

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9. Apple Pipe

Why not spice up your smoking with some fruit? Well, smoking from an apple just happens to be a convenient and creative method of smoking weed. 

It might sound odd, but it is actually among the most popular ways to smoke cannabis. In fact, crafting an apple pipe is very easy. 

First, you will make a bowl out of an apple at the top.

Then, you will make a chamber for the smoke to pass through, which can be achieved by slightly drilling out the apple. All you need to do after that is dry the bowl, and you are all set. 

The smoke will taste like an apple, and the flavor is excellent.

10. Glass Pipes

Using a glass pipe is an excellent way of consuming cannabis. Glass pipes are easy to carry, and they offer a simple way to smoke. Also, they come in various styles and colors. 

In fact, some can change their color when smoking them. Some pipes glow in the dark. 

Even if they tend to lean on the smoother side, you will still get some pretty lovely hits. Due to their portability, pipes are an excellent option for smokers who are always on the move.

If you are seeking a quick method of getting high, a glass pipe can be the best choice for you. There are a lot of options to choose from at affordable prices.

There you have it! You can try some of these methods and determine what works best for you.

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