Best Way to Get Marijuana Out of Your System

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Marijuana acceptance and legalization is becoming more and more widespread around the world. However, many workplaces still have issues with employees smoking. 

This results in a routine or surprise drug tests carried out to ensure employees are not going against the company policy. If you have a pre-employment drug test coming up or your company conducts random testing, it might be essential for you to try and clean up your system.

Of course, the only way to have a cannabis free system in the first place is to avoid consuming any form of Marijuana.  But if you need to consume cannabis for medical reasons, but nevertheless want to do it discreetly, then you should learn about the best strategy to improve your chances of drug screening.

Whether it is for preparation before testing, general cleansing, or improving your health, here is a look at the best way to get marijuana out of your system.

How Long After Taking Marijuana Does THC Stay in The Body?

The most active component of marijuana is tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is responsible for the psychological effects of the drug. When you smoke, consume, or vape marijuana, you will have THC in your system for a particular amount of time. 

Marijuana is ingested and carried out throughout the body by the blood. After metabolization, it is stored in the fatty tissues and eventually removed through sweat, urine, and feces. 

The length of time marijuana will remain in your system depends on various factors, including your body metabolism rate, weight, age, frequency of use, and the quantity of the cannabis consumed. On average, THC is detectable in the urine of a casual marijuana user for up to a month: 3-4 weeks for heavy users, 1-2 weeks for regular users, and 2-5 days for the casual user.

In the saliva, marijuana stays for about twenty-four hours, 1-2 days in blood, ninety days in the hair and can be detected up to a month in sweat. 

Ways of Detoxing from Marijuana

detoxing from marijuana

Various methods are valid and scientifically proven in getting marijuana out of your system. These ways will help to speed up the process of eliminating marijuana from your system. 

Some of the best ways include;

  • Take Diuretics

Taking diuretics is one of the fastest ways of getting cannabis out of your system. According to a research study, sixty-five percent of marijuana metabolites are excreted via feces and twenty percent through the urine. 

Diuretics are pills that will help speed up the excretion process. You can buy diuretics from over the counter or get stronger prescriptions to help you get as much marijuana out of your system as possible. 

Diuretics are very useful, especially when used together with the water/B vitamin method.

  • Drinking a Lot of Water 

Drinking water and using vitamin B12 is among the best ways of getting marijuana out of your system. Drinking a lot of water makes you urinate more and hence flushes more cannabis out of the system.

On the day of the drug test, drinking several liters of water makes your urine more cannabis clear. However, to avoid the drug testers from being suspicious of the clear stream, you should take around fifty milligrams of vitamin B12 with the water. 

These are readily available at your health store or local pharmacy. B vitamins turn your urine yellow, which raises lesser suspicion of intentional dilution. 

Creatine is also useful as it is excreted through urine. It is also noteworthy that you don't put the beginning or end of your urine stream in the sample as most THC is contained there. 

  • Exercise

According to scientific studies, THC is stored in fat cells. It is hence logical that burning fat through work outs such as aerobic exercises, biking, jogging, and swimming will help the body get rid of the THC in your fatty cells. 

More so, exercise will also make you consume more water after a heavy workout.

However, if your drug test is in the next couple of days, you should limit the exercises for at least a day before the test. 

Workout causes a spike in the THC metabolite levels, and hence you should skip this method if it's close to the drug test.

  • Sweating It Out

Excessive sweating is another effective way of getting marijuana out of your system. Your body gets rid of toxins through sweating.

Sauna and heavy exercises are great ways of inducing sweating. However, this method is more suitable for long term marijuana detoxification instead of fast removal from your system. 

  • Use of Detox Kits

As stated above, B vitamins, water, and creatine are effective components in flushing out your urine. But if you are a heavy user of marijuana, you might want to go a step further to eliminate the high concentration of marijuana out of your system.

Detox kits that are specifically designed to get marijuana out of your system fast are available. They contain pills and drinks to help you mask marijuana in your urine and in the right amounts.

Also, most of the detox kits come with urine testing strips for you to test if you are ready to pass a blood test or you still have some work to do. 

  • Healthy Diet

Diet components such as fatty, sweet, and salty foods slow down your metabolism. This plays a significant part in delaying the excretion of THC and other marijuana metabolites from the body.

You should hence avoid these types of food that inhibit marijuana inhibition. Instead, eating a lot of fiber will speed up the digestive system, which promotes extra excretion and helps flush out more marijuana. 

Focus on drinks and foods that boost your metabolism, such as lean protein, vegetables, and green tea.


A lot of debate is ongoing about how to flush marijuana from your body and the technique that works the best. Abrupt and impromptu drug tests may cause urgency and leave you frustrated.

However, the only way to be a hundred percent sure that there is no marijuana in your system is not using it at all. Before you try out any of the listed ways in an attempt to detox your body, you should speak to a medical professional. 

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